The FNS™ series represents FN's striker-fired semi-auto pistol platform. Inherent to the striker-fired design, the FNS series is double-action. Three sizes are available, each in two calibers: 9mm, and .40 S&W.

Standard FNS features include:
Striker-fired autoloader
Available in standard and manual safety
Fixed 3-dot sights (standard)
Stainless steel slide
External extractor with loaded chamber indicator
Front and rear cocking serrations
Cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel, with polished chamber and feed ramp
Polymer frame construction with replaceable steel frame/slide rails
Two interchangeable back-straps
MIL-STD-1913 accessory mounting rail
Serrated trigger guard
Fully ambidextrous slide stop lever
Fully ambidextrous magazine release
Polished magazine body, with low-friction follower and polymer base pad
Shipped with a fired cartridge, Owner’s manual, locking device, and soft case

SKU#: 66722
SKU 66722-FN

Rebates for Fn Herstal S.a. brand

FNS-9 Compact - $30 MIR
FN 15 Rifle - $75 MIR
Valid for: 5 days

Price compare for 845737001929 - FN FNS-40C NMS .40 S&W 3.6" (1) 14rd and (2) 10rd Mags Night Sights

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Rebate is for 9mm model, not 40SW

1 vote
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I have 2 of the 9mm. One black, one FDE. I love them. My black one was part of the striker upgrade, they did the work fast and got it back to me. If I didn't already have a Glock 27 Gen 4, I'd consider this one.

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0 votes

I have the 9mm. Really like how it shoots and grips nice. Mine also came with factory night sights.

1 vote
0 votes

I have this in 9 and I love it. Coming from a Glock 26, trigger reset I felt was a little long. Other than that it feels and shoots great. Specs i feel are pretty similar to the 26. Factory grip is a lot better and comes with exchangeable back straps. Black one comes with a 17 rounder and 2 12 rounders, one with a pinky extension and one without. FDE has a 17 rounder and 1 12 rounder with a soft case. Mags are a little pricey and mag release is a little stiff at first, other than that no complaints. Does a pretty good review. Another review by hickok45

1 vote
1 vote

Anyone have experience with this in their 9mm?

0 votes
0 votes

Anyone have experience on these? Be it either 40 or the 9mm

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0 votes
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