Flambeau Tactical 40" AR/MSR Gun Case - $27 (Free Store Pickup or Free S/H over $35)

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Protect your AR from corrosion and damage while at home or away with this Flambeau Outdoors Tactical AR Case. Built-in straps ensure the gun and magazine stay securely in place when you are traveling with the tactical gun case. The Zerust protection is molded directly into the magazine dividers, which provides years of corrosion protection. The lid and base of the Flambeau Gun Case are manufactured with a polypropylene material and feature four safeshot latches.
Flambeau Outdoors Tactical AR Gun Case:
- Zerust molded directly into the magazine dividers for years of corrosion protection
- Lid and base from polypropylene material
- 4 safeshot latches
- 10" x 3" Zerust magazine pockets
- Straps for guns and magazines
- Inside dimensions: 40" x 12" x 4"
- Polypro construction
SKU#: 0007161702689
UPC#: 071617026899

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Gun Cases
UPC: 071617026899
MPN: 5-0636597
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I received mine via FedEx at

I received mine via FedEx at home and it was simply surrounded by some cut up cardboard and lots of tape...it did the trick so I am surprised to hear some are shipping with just a shipping label slapped on them.
For $29 I think it's worth it. I however ended up returning mine in exchange for the Plano 1512 at Amazon thats a but more but has the pluckable foam and built in locks.
I wish I had taken some pics but the fit was very tight with a Ruger SR-556 and a Trijicon on top....not a deal breaker but I just wanted a bit more room in the midsection of the case.
I'd still recommend this case at a $29 price point

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I'm returning mine. I'M VERY

I'm returning mine. I'M VERY UNHAPPY WITH WALMART!

I bought two of these and while I am happy with quality of the cases, I was shocked to see that Walmart just slapped FedEx labels directly on the plastic and and sent them without boxes. I received two cases that look used. They arrived dirty, dinged up and scratched.

I considered just cleaning them up and keeping them, since they weren't that expensive, but the FedEx labels aren't coming off very easily and they put three labels on each case.

If I had know that these wouldn't be shipped in a box, I never would have bought them.

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Mine arrived in a box that

Mine arrived in a box that allowed the case to move a little inside.

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l1337jeep-Was yours sent to

l1337jeep-Was yours sent to your home?

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No, it was shipped to Walmart

No, it was shipped to Walmart for pickup.

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Strange...I had mine shipped

Strange...I had mine shipped to the store and it was in a large tall box. It did freely move around in the box, but it was in perfect condition.

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Mine were shipped to my

Mine were shipped to my house. I had thought about doing in-store pickup, but the nearest Walmart is pretty far away.

I was really surprised that they weren't in boxes. I realize that I'm going to scratch them up myself, but trying unsuccessfully to cleanly get the industrial adhesive backed FedEx labels off is really a deal breaker for me.

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Seems like a good case for

Seems like a good case for the money and I need a case for my new AR to transport it to the range and back. Ordered one!

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Just placed an order for one

Just placed an order for one and it will be delivered by the 22nd. Never placed a store pickup with Wally world.. Hope it's painless process..lol

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Please update this posting

Please update this posting when you get it, I'd like to know what you think of it

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Sure will :)

Sure will :)

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O.K. picked up the case and

O.K. picked up the case and at first not impressed, but I was wrong. The case allows you to add 2 compartments which can hold 8 magazines or many accessories and secure them with Velcro. Plenty of room for a big scope and a 20" barrel as well. Overall the quality and fit is excellent. The four locking points and the locking mechanism are more than adequate and secure for transporting on an aircraft. Over all it’s a great case for the money. Is it the strength of a pelican? No but its, IMHO, well worth the money. I just purchase my second one for my next build, didn't want to miss the deal. Below is a link with some pictures of the case if you are like me and like to see the item before you buy. I would be glad to answer any questions or add pictures to my book on request.


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Scoper's picture

Thanks for the great

Thanks for the great pictures. Can you comment and take pictures on the latches and hings. These are failure points when a case like this is handled roughly by airline baggage handlers. Also, does it accommodate locks?

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Honestly, I would not use

Honestly, I would not use this for airline travel. The latch assembly is completely made out of plastic as is the hinge securing the two pieces together. I am very doubtful the locking mechanism would withstand the abuse. Yes there are 6 points for locks as well but again I would use it for transport in your own vehicle not an airline.

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Anyone have one of these?

Anyone have one of these? How's it compare to other hard cases? I know it won't be a Pelican, but it seems nice for $40

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