This compact ammo can is perfect for a quick trip to the range, or for storing some of your handgun ammo. With a rugged design, O-ring seal, and oversized latch, your contents will be well protected.

Stows 4 boxes of 45 or 5 boxes of 9mm
O-ring seal
Oversized side latch

Model number#: 5415MC

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Got 2 of these, perfect size to fit inside my range bag to carry ammo for matches.

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I have 'bucketloads' of ammo cans that I use to store my various pistol reloads, but they are all too large to carry inside my range bag. In the meantime, I've been transferring 'what I need for the day' from the ammo cans to multiple 100 rnd plastic boxes,,, This 'smaller' box looks like it could be a easier.

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Exterior dimensions 8.5"x4.25"x6.5" and "o-ring seal" is not consistent all the way around (ends of rubber come together at corners).

Plano ammo box at Walmart is $4.88. Exterior dimensions 11"L x 5"W x 7"H. Also doesn't seal very well according to reviews. I have this one and am fine with it.

If you specifically want the smaller size then buy this, but the better value is the Plano box at Walmart.

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Are you burying these or storing outside? Not sure what more you could expect for under 5 bucks.

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