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The Fix by Q® is the biggest step forward in bolt-action rifle innovation since 1962, and is the foundation of what our company believes in - science and innovation.

We identified a gap in the market, set goals to successfully reinvent the traditional design, and developed a product far superior to the industry's conventional bolt gun. This isn't just another custom 700 pretending to be something new. This is something new, and it will kick your dad's rifle's ass.

Common Features & Specs:

One Piece Receiver
45° Short Throw Bolt Handle
Fully Adjustable Folding Stock
Free Float Q Sert Handguard
SR-25 Magazine Compatible
Full Length M1913 Picatinny Top Rail
Muzzle: 5/8-24 Threads, Tapered Muzzle, Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brake
Trigger: 2-Stage Match
AR Controls
22" 6.5 Creedmoor

BARREL: 22", 1:7 Twist, Medium Palma Profile, Stainless Steel
WEIGHT: 7.6 lbs
LENGTH (OPEN): 41.1" - 42.6"LENGTH (FOLDED): 31.9"
COLOR: Q Brown-ish Grey Accents

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How is this any different than one of the ruger or savage rifles that is a third of the price?

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The only thing they “reinvented” about Dad’s old gun is the price point bahahaha!

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looks interesting. but the bolt action killed it for me.
also the price seems more then a little ridiculous to me as well.
no use in taking a step back..

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