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Secure your guns and other valuable possessions inside this rugged First Watch® 12-gun RTA Safe. It features a 1.5mm steel frame and door, high-security tubular locking system with 4 live-action locking bolts, and reprogrammable electronic keypad with lock-out. Plus, a locking interior ammo box ideal for ammo, handguns and small valuables. Modeled barrel rests provide organization and gentle handling of your rifles. Compact footprint is perfect for smaller spaces. Simple assembly required.

HMC high-security tubular locking system
Reprogrammable electronic keypad with lock-out
2-way locking with 4 live-action locking bolts
2 internal hinges secure door to safe frame
Chrome-plated lever for easy opening
Textured Gloss Black powder-coat paint finish
Molded barrel rests with adhesive backing
Lockable interior ammo box
Knock-down design for easy assembly
Can be mounted to wall for added security and stability
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Key Specifications
Item Number: 681322
Metal Frame Thickness: 1.5mm
Metal Door Thickness: 1.5mm
Exterior Width: 21"
Exterior Depth: 16.25"
Exterior Height: 55.25"
Interior Width: 20.87"
Interior Depth: 15.5"
Interior Height: 45.5"
Interior Capacity: 8.52 cu. ft.
Ammo Box Width: 20.87"
Ammo Box Depth: 4.25"
Ammo Box Height: 8"
Ammo Box Capacity: 0.41 cu. ft.
Weight: 124 lbs.
Mfg. Number: HS40135512


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1.5mm thick equates to about 16 gauge, the same thickness as your typical homeowner stackable tool box. Looks more substantial in the picture than it is.

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Same safe $180 out the door at academy.

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Might as well get a Stack-On cabinet and save $150. Poor ratings. Barely any fire resistance. And your ammo will be damaged as well as your guns. If you want a real safe, save up. Also, tack $10 on for S/H.

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