High-quality hard steel 440C is used for F7562. This steel type is resistant to corrosion and keeps sharpening for a long time.
The handle of F7562 is made of a material G10. This composite fiberglass with a strength comparable to metal, high durability and resistance to all general types of corrosion.
G-lock construction makes the raw of advantages. One of the most notable is the ability to close the knife without placing your fingers in the blade path. Another is that it is completely symmetric, as the lock is identical from both sides of the knife.
- Lock Type: G-Lock
- Blade Material: 440C
- Total Length: 8.2"
- Blade Length: 3.5"
- Knife Weight (pounds): 0.28
Model number#: F7562-BK

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Prices are better on I like this brand's hole in the blade style rather than the thumb pin. These are not exactly knockoffs. They waited for benchmade's patent to expire and then built exactly the same mechanism. That is in keeping with the spirit and the intention behind patents.

Compared directly with my benchmade mini griptilian, these are not as nice. But they are damned close for less than 1/5 the price. I've had a fair number of low priced knives that are worth the price but to cheap to be my edc . These make the cut (at least the thumbhole axis lock ones).

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(I know this isn't a Benchmade Knife) Benchmade is anti-gun and they donate to democrats.

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Guessing by the description this isn't a chicom benchmade knock off.... Lol

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