*** Limit 4 Boxes Per Order ***

115 GR 9mm FMJ

Brass Case

50 Rounds Per Box

*** Sales CA & NY Require ammunition to be shipped to an FFL. 

*** Sales to IL Requires customer to provide FOID before shipping

*** Sales to MA Requires customer to provide FID before shipping

*** Sales To NJ Requires customer to provide FPID before shipping

*** No Sales to Alaska or Hawaii 

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Even with the current shortage, should not be allowing posts with 9mm ammo over 40c ppr. That's no deal, it's price Gouging during a shortage. Why is it that some sellers can [even if only briefly, until all stock is sold out] offer 9mm ammo at ppr under 30c? That tells me that manufacturers have not substantially increased prices despite the increased demand. Rather, sellers are taking advantage of their customers by milking every last penny out of them. Here in Florida we have a similar dynamic when a tropical storm approaches and the public "panic buys & stockpiles" basic items like bottled drinking water. Followed by retailers jacking the price way up to obscene levels in order to profiteer from the unfortunate situation. Florida lawmakers have addressed this by fining and penalizing the price gougers. Similar measures need to be instituted against ammunition retailers.

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We would be happy to show any attorney general's office the invoice illustrating what we paid for this ammo. We are not price gauging. We are paying over what retail used to be just so we can offer 9mm ammunition to our customers. We believe it is better to offer ammunition than not to offer. The consumer can either choose to buy it or not but it.


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I respect where you're coming from and understand but it's '' not 'guns.instock'

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