SKU: CASE-0016
MFR#: C9115BP250
Caliber: 9x19mm
Bullet Weight: 115 gr
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
Quantity: 1,000 Rounds | 4 Boxes/Case
Muzzle Velocity: 1180 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 356 ft. lbs.
Casing: Brass
Application: Target Shooting

Federal Champion handgun ammunition is loaded for pounding paper targets with ballistic performance that closely matches comparable Federal Premium loads for the ultimate real-world practice. Federal Handgun ammunition offers consistent, accurate performance at a price that's perfect for high-volume shooting.


Ideal for target practice
Accurate, reliable performance
Consistent, clean running primers and brass

Rebates for Federal brand

Exp. date: 01.01.2020
Buy qualifying* Federal Premium® medium/big ammunition to get up to a $20 rebate OR a free Federal branded Knives of Alaska Cub Bear Suregrip caping knife, OR rebate and a knife.
Maximum $20 rebate and/or two (2) knives per person or household. Minimum purchase $30 required.
Exp. date: 01.01.2020
Buy Federal Premium® Black Cloud® shotshell ammunition and get up to a $100 ($5/box) rebate, a heavyweight 12-ounce cotton blend Black Cloud hoodie, or both.
Minimum purchase one (1) case or ten (10) boxes required. Maximum $100 rebate or two (2) hoodies per person or household.
Exp. date: 01.01.2020
Buy Federal® Speed-Shok® shotshell ammunition and get up to $40 rebate OR an exclusive Federal-branded Avery® Sporting Dog swag pack OR rebate and a dog swag pack. Swag pack includes: Avery Sporting Dog Bumper/Bird Bag and three (3) HexaBumpers™ retail value of $50.
Maximum $40 rebate or two (2) dog swag packs per person or household. Minimum purchase one (1) case or ten (10) boxes required.
Exp. date: 01.01.2020
Buy two (2) boxes of Federal® Power-Shok® or Non-Typical™ centerfire rifle ammunition to get a $10 rebate ($5 per box).
Maximum rebate $50 per person or household. Minimum purchase two (2) boxes required.

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Hey guys if you're considering purchasing this ammo on or around black Friday go to Academy. You get 1000 rounds for $190 - $50 if you take advantage of the rebate whereas palmetto comes out to $203 with tax minus the rebate

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0 votes

Slightly more than academy but they ship to CA.

Also 4% cashback through wikibuy.

0 votes
0 votes

Price sucks at Natchez... totally cancels out their free shipping. $431 + tax... it's within a few bucks of Palmetto State Armory in spite of their ridiculous shipping cost.

Looks like those who didn't buy from Gander while they had them in stock have missed the boat on this one.

2 votes
1 vote

Academy still has them in stock, not as cheap as Gander, but with cash back, a 5% credit card cash back, and free shipping you can still get 9mm under $6.50 a box. .45 pushing $10. Also it looks like PSA took enough abuse and added free shipping, but they jacked the price per box up, Academy is still way cheaper.

1 vote
0 votes

The Gander ammo was all sold before the rebate even started. So no one got in on that deal.

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0 votes

8 boxes (2000 rounds) at Natchez is $384, not $431.

But it looks like Palmetto now has free shipping, so they're a few bucks cheaper than Natchez.

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0 votes

Comparing about shipping.. do y’all know how heavy 2k rounds?!

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0 votes

$72 shipping plus $39.64 tax. Empty shopping cart and move on.

6 votes
0 votes

$72 to ship 2000 rounds is ridiculous.

Use code FR191125 to get free shipping at Natchez - including ammo.

4 votes
0 votes
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