Federal AE C.O.P.S. 9mm 115Gr FMJ 50 Rnds - $10.49 (Free S/H over $50 w/code "FREESHIP")

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Price: $7.87
Price per round: $0.157
Online Only, Do Not Call, one coupon per order Click here for more coupons
Coupon "FREESHIP" for Free S/H Over $50 (excl. firearms) -
Do your part to honor those who've sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. A portion of the proceeds from every box of Federal's American Eagle C.O.P.S. Handgun Ammunition sold goes to Concerns Of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) and its mission to support the families of fallen officers. Like all American Eagle handgun ammunition, these loads combine superior brass, reliable primers and straight-shooting FMJ bullets to deliver ballistics and recoil similar to equivalent duty rounds for realistic training. 50 rounds per box
Item: IK-219758

Amount: 50
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Federal
UPC: 604544624601
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$4.88 Clothing Filler

Coupon Code: FREESHIP
Free S/H Over $50 (excl. firearms)
Expiration date: Unknown expiration


MadeInUSA's picture

Long wait to get rebate in

Long wait to get rebate in mail.

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Back in stock. Had 500

Back in stock. Had 500 rounds shipped to my local store.

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I just received my order and

I just received my order and the UPC code does not work at the Federal site. I sent Cabelas an email and have not heard back yet. I'm gonna be pissed if I don't get my rebate they advertised on their website where I purchased them. Just be warned.

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What happen when you put it

What happen when you put it in? It took the UPC for me when I did the form online.. sent it in like a over a week ago.

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I am a dumb ass, I didn't add

I am a dumb ass, I didn't add the two numbers on the far right and far left of the of the code. It worked after I added them.

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Cool glad you got it worked

Cool glad you got it worked out.

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It said ineligible UPC code..

It said ineligible UPC code..

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What was your UPC

What was your UPC number?
Mine was: 604544624601

If yours was the same then it must be a recent change cause the online form took it and displayed the correct name no problem. form generated on 9/13

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I just used the rebate when I

I just used the rebate when I bought the american eagle 9mm ammo from Bronwnells recently. I notice that the rebate form mentioned $50 per household. Will my previous rebate make this purchase invalid from rebate?

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Yes, so make sure to use a

Yes, so make sure to use a different "household" if you know what I mean... Mother, brother, etc.... :)

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Winchester 200 rounds fmj

Winchester 200 rounds fmj 115grain is 40$ at walmar t

0 votes
1 vote

Yeah id rather not support

Yeah id rather not support cops I hate cops last time in fl I had a gun legally with my ccw I had a gun pointed to my head and was told to get on the ground no thx and I was at a gun range looking to buy a ar15 I'm good I'll keep my weapons at home or in my car I'll never ccw carry again last thing I need is a Gestapo killing me cause they got the wrong person and illegally handcuffing me under a utube video that they said was posted 4 weeks ago now 12 weeks ago fyck u cops

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6 votes

W....what? From what I could

W....what? From what I could put together, it sounds like you need to educate yourself on gun laws. But seriously, punctuate for fucks sake.

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The way I read it from the

The way I read it from the rebate center info, max of $5 per product, $50'per household. Might be a problem getting $50 back on the same ammo. In the past they also wanted the upc off every box. It took a while but I always get the check if done right.

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Well, that pretty much solves

Well, that pretty much solves it, cause if the form online actually took the UPC, then it's a valid UPC! I didn't know it was an online deal... I will call tomorrow and report back.

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Got mine today.. WOW Cabelas

Got mine today.. WOW Cabelas shipped fast, Ordered 11th, Got today.

Rebate form accepted UPC so im proceeding under the assumption there is no problem.

What's everyone using for the invoice? I've got 1 from the website checking out, another in my email, and the packing slip in the box.
Honestly the slip in the box looks the best to me but curious what others are using.

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To be 100% safe just give

To be 100% safe just give them the slip in the box and I also circled all of the pertinent info that they are requesting. All of my previous rebates from Freedom Group come SUPER fast! So you can expect to have a rebate check in about 6 weeks roughly.

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Well, the rebate specifically

Well, the rebate specifically states "American Eagle" handgun ammunition and it does not say that it excludes ANY certain edition of that said "American Eagle" ammunition, so one can only assume that if they don't send you your rebate check then they are going to have a heck of a situation on their hands, including Cabela's for advertising the rebate on this specific product page. So I would bet you spoke with an uninformed rep, but I will surely be calling in myself with this UPC number to verify.

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Please report back, Also the

Please report back, Also the online rebate form asks for the UPC so it seems like someone would have ran into this problem by now.. the rebate started on july 15th.
I would think a non qualifying UPC on the form would complain about it.

I'll argue the point with federal if they try to deny.
but at this price if I don't get the rebate worse things have happen.
But definitely higher then I'd have paid with no rebate.

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I called federal ammunition

I called federal ammunition to see if the COPS qualifies for rebate and was told it did not. Also max rebate is $50

1 vote
1 vote

why not? it's American Eagle,

why not? it's American Eagle, Besides gonna have some pissed off customers given cabellas says it has a rebate and so do nearly every online ammo shop.

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Guys don't forget to use

Guys don't forget to use "UPromise" to get 5% cashback on ALL purchases from Cabela's. Most cashback sites limit cashback to like 1-2% for ammo and firearms, but UPromise pays the full 5% back! Also, they are selling Cabela's gift cards on eBay again for $82.00/$100 cards... So buy NOW with credit and then you can go into a local store and do a return/rebuy with the gift cards, if you care to deal with that headache. I live close to my local Cabela's and they have always been great when I tell them that I meant to use my gift cards for a purchase. :) I am also Military so that's an extra 5% off right at checkout. Do keep in mind that if you do return/rebuy that you will most likely lose the 5% cashback from UPromise, so it's a choice that you will have to make, but at these prices I will have more damn ammo then my local store in a few months! Lol

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Son of a..... I just bought a

Son of a..... I just bought a load of this at $11 a box "on sale". Go get some discounted gc online and be sure to send off for rebate. Puts you down around $6.50 a box before tax with free shipping. Reloads aren't that cheap. I've shot about 200 of these with no issues.

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In for 20. Had a 100 dollar

In for 20.
Had a 100 dollar gift card from the GC deals before.. to bad I didn't have have 2.
Oh well savings on the GC ate the tax and then some.

Honestly don't need more 9mm but at this price can't can't pass it up.

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