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Federal American Eagle® AR 5.56/.223 Centerfire Rifle Ammo is produced specifically for AR semi-auto rifles, to the same strict quality assurance standards and specifications used by the US Military. This American Eagle ammo is made in the USA at Lake City Arsenal under contract by Federal Ammunition, which is the Defense Department's primary source for military 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm and .50-caliber rifle ammunition. American Eagle AR 5.56/.223 rifle ammo features fully jacketed, lead-core bullets; non-corrosive primers; and reloadable, annealed brass cases. Crimped and sealed primers are ideal for long term storage and moisture protection. Made in USA.

Made at the Lake City Arsenal
Specifically for semi-auto rifles
Fully jacketed, lead-core bullets
Crimped and sealed primers
Reloadable brass cases
Web ID: 1402271231
SKU: 2095033

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Bass pro charges an additional $40 labeled ‘additional shipping’. But they claim your shipping is ‘free’... Total ends up being $91+

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They’ve also been OOS for days....

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Spoke to an old biddy there today. She said 1000 rounds “sure was a lot” I told her really I isn’t. Nice to see they have such qualified, well educated people the handling their customer service.

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