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American Eagle is designed specifically for target shooting, training and practice. It's loaded to the same specifications as Federal's Premium loads, but at a more practical price for plinking.
Technical Information
Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
Bullet Weight: 38 Grains
Bullet Style: Plated Lead Hollow Point
Ballistics Information:
Muzzle Velocity: 1280 fps
Velocity Rating: High Velocity
Muzzle Energy: 138 ft. lbs.
Product #: 865327

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Rebates for Federal brand

Purchase ONE (1) case of Federal, Blazer® Brass or American Eagle® BLACK PACK bulk case or can ammunition and receive $20 back. Limited to FIVE (5) cases/cans or $100 per household. Valid manufacturer product numbers limited to: 5202BF350, 5200BF500, 5220BF350, 5230BF300, AE223BF300, 788BF and BF127 00AC1. Valid for purchases made November 16, 2018 through December 2, 2018. Rebate materials must be uploaded or postmarked by January 2, 2019.
Valid for: 1 week

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Not a deal. Now that Hitlary has been defeated, ammo prices should be going *down*, not up: $34 for a short brick [400rd = 2 boxes short of a full brick] isn't anything approaching a deal for promo ammo. Keep moving, nothing to see here...

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0 votes

12 boxes of 400 shipped to 19149:
Order Total: $379.38

So just about 8 cents a round shipped if you're willing to spend near $400.

0 votes
0 votes

If you add ten individual boxes plus the brick you avoid the special handling fee but wait ... $58 for 800rds shipped still sucks unless you are desperate?

1 vote
2 votes

Horrible deal...

1 vote
1 vote

What the hell is $3.00 special handling?
Shipping an handling has turned in to a big profit center.
I'm out

1 vote
1 vote

yo jerkoff
Before you post a"slick deal" please check that the shipping isn't $15.29 plus $3 special handling fee limit one! Waste if time people...screw midway and the poster.

1 vote
1 vote

Hey tool, learn English and some manners while you're at it. You sound like an 8th grader.

0 votes
1 vote

Ummm... define irony.

0 votes
0 votes

Total of 39.28 to Florida for 1 box- no thanks

1 vote
0 votes
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