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9mm (0.355") 115gr Total Synthetic Jacket 100/Box
Caliber: 9mm
Quantity: 100
Grain: 115
Bullet Style: Total Synthetic Jacket
Diameter (in): 0.355

Federal’s Syntech™ 9mm 115 grain bullets are the same projectiles loaded in their American Eagle Syntech™ ammunition, and they’re also available for handloaders. Syntech™ bullets feature Federal’s proprietary TSJ™ (total synthetic jacket) polymer jacket that prevents copper/lead fouling, while it decreases heat and friction in the bore.

The benefit to you? With Federal Syntech™ 9mm 115 grain bullets loaded in your ammo, your pistol’s barrel will suffer significantly less fouling, you won’t have to clean your gun as often, and barrel life will be greatly extended.

- Polymer-encapsulated TSJ™ round-nose bullet prevents metal-on-metal contact in the bore
- Minimal "splash-back" on steel targets
- NO copper and lead fouling
- Extends barrel life
- Less frequent cleaning

With Federal Syntech™ 9mm 115 grain bullets loaded in your range ammo, you get the best of both worlds: full-power, standard weight practice ammo that replicates the performance of the load you’ll use on duty, in competition, or for personal defense, AND you spend way less time cleaning guns!


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