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Whatever rimfire pursuit drives you, you'll get accurate, affordable performance with Federal® Black Pack Rimfire Ammo. The reliable bullet, priming and brass are suited to a wide variety of rimfire range applications, including plinking, target shooting, competition, and firearms training. Copper-plated, lead bullets minimize fouling in barrels and feed ramps to enhance reliable function in any type of rifle and handgun action. Made in USA.

Affordable option for target practice and training
Manufactured under strict quality control
Consistent accuracy and reliability
Copper-plated lead bullets
Web ID: 100198584
.22 Long Rifle
38 Grain
Copper Plated HP
1100 Rounds
SKU: 2771164

Got 10%off at Bass Pro for Mil discount negating the tax for me.

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Rebates for Federal brand

Exp. date: 01.10.2020
Buy at least two (2) boxes of Federal Premium HST, Hydra-Shok Deep or classic Hydra-Shok Personal Defense centerfire handgun ammunition to get a rebate of $5.00 per box.
Exp. date: 01.09.2020
Spend at least $100 on Federal Premium® Gold Medal Grand® Plastic or Paper, original Gold Medal® shotshell, or Gold Medal rimfire, handgun or rifle ammunition, as well as Federal® Top Gun® Patriot (red, white and blue shotshell), to get a $25 credit and free shipping* for merchandise† at
Exp. date: 01.09.2020
Buy one (1) case (10 boxes) of Federal Premium® Gold Medal Grand® Plastic or Paper, or original Gold Medal® shotshell ammunition, and get $20.00 ($2.00/box) back.
Exp. date: 01.01.2021
Buy at least one (1) case (10 boxes) of Federal Premium® Black Cloud® TSS shotshell ammunition* and get a rebate of $7.50 per box, or a Hunt To Eat & Black Cloud unisex super-soft hoodie (retail value $45.00). Max out the offer to get both the sweatshirt and rebate. *Excludes Black Cloud FS Steel, Black Cloud FS Steel High Velocity, Black Cloud FS Steel Close Range and Black Cloud FS Steel Snow Goose.

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Super fast shipping. Box was taped up real good or it would of been dumped all over. Yet to fire yet. Have many others to shoot first. Good experience.

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Anyone know how this works in 15-22s?

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Works in my m&p 15-22

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This is only a good deal if the rebate mentioned in one of the pics is still valid. I didn't see anything about it on their site, so assuming not.

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not sure what rebate you're talking about..

the black packs was black friday promotional ammo, I don't think they make them full time I belive the black apcaks are all left over from 2019 BF

the rebate is long gone on that.. unless they had another one I don't know about.

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