FedArm FX3 Semi-Auto Shotgun 12 GA, 4 + 1 Capacity, 3" Chambers - $289.99


The FX3 12 Gauge Shotgun features a 4+1 round capacity, semi automatic action, a synthetic stock and a plastic forend. The shotgun has a 18.50″ barrel and a manual safety. Accepts 3″ magnum shells. High quality self regulating gas system

Features and Benefits

Tube Magazine fed semi-auto with 4+1 round capacity
Self-adjusting high quality semi-auto gas system
Accepts up to 3” magnum shells in 12 gauge.
Synthetic stock
Standard iron barrel sight
18.50″ barrel
Manual safety
100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all FedArm products: If you have any issues with the quality / fit / function of your rifle upon purchase, FedArm will resolve any issues immediately through free repair or replacement. If you are not happy with the product, FedArm will pay to have it shipped back. As a new brand FedArm strives for 100% customer satisfaction and will go out of its way to ensure only the top service for its dealers and customers. Firearms have a 1 year from factory warranty against factory defects and issues, with free shipping. Post warranty repairs will be done at or near cost, with some exceptions for abuse/damage/improper ammunition. Read owners manual before use. For any warranty issues contact FedArm Fort Smith Arkansas. Additional Information Weight 9 Dimensions 42 x 9 x 3 Caliber 12 Gauge

SKU#: LNG-S-FX3-12-01

Category: Shotguns
Caliber: 12 GA
Brand: FedArm
MPN: S-FX3-12-01
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for around $300 you can get a

for around $300 you can get a a reliable and proven shotgun, why buy this. So many Mossbergs 500 series that can be had for around this price. I know this is semi-auto, but semi-auto can have alot of problems. And just a 4 shot, I will take a 8 shot mossberg 500 over this

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Just curious what you thumbs

Just curious what you thumbs downed my comment for? Your complaining about the company and I said their semi auto shotguns are crap? So what's the issue...lol

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I bought some of their 300

I bought some of their 300 blackout subsonic reloads. It would not chamber in two different guns. So, forget about cycling, it will not even allow the bolt to close even with the forward assist.

They want me to pay to ship their mistake back. The phones at their number go to voice mail. No callback. Avoid them.

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They manufacturer some items

They manufacturer some items like ballistic gear and ammunition. They do manufacturer AR15'S and uppers, also sell parts but all these shotguns come from hunt group of turkey. Their junk...major feeding issues. I owned 2, one of these and their copy of the MKA 1919 AR 12 gauge shotgun. Not very impressed at all, sold them both. However the pumps aren't bad.

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Is this a good shotgun?

Is this a good shotgun?

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These sell for under $200 on

These sell for under $200 on gunbroker auction site. The seller is shore_tactical they sell all fedarm stuff.

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Never heard of Fedarm, are

Never heard of Fedarm, are they an importer, manufacturer, both?

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jethro_tull's picture

Fedarm is the US importer.

Fedarm is the US importer. Guns are made in Turkey by Hunt Group Arms.


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Thanks. Their website is

Thanks. Their website is deceiving as it says "Federal Armament LLC (dba FedArm) is an OEM manufacturer of defense products in the USA." This leads one to think they are the manufacturer of the firearms on their site.

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