Factory New Special Configuration Sig Sauer P320 Full SIze FDE NIGHT SIGHTS - $479

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$479 Factory New Special Configuration Sig Sauer P320 Full SIze FDE NIGHT SIGHTS MSRP $679


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$762 SIG SAUER P220R SCORPION FDE NIGHT SIGHTS G10 GRIPS SRT TRIGGER - https://www.gunsmidwest.com/p220-r-scorpion-45-fde-slite.html

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Sig Sauer
UPC: 798681504725
MPN: W320F-9-SP
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Did they fix the trigger.

Did they fix the trigger. Latest articles I read it said Glock was suing the army because they picked this unsafe gun

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It's Sig's frist

It's Sig's frist striker-fired pistol

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Ok cool...Was hoping for more

Ok cool...Was hoping for more though

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So what makes this P320 a

So what makes this P320 a “special configuration? Anyone who can give me a real answer wins all kinds of internet points!

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

I'm guessing "FDE NIGHT

I'm guessing "FDE NIGHT SIGHTS".

Please send my points...

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Couple trigger upgrades to

Couple trigger upgrades to make it drop safe

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Voluntary upgrade was already

Voluntary upgrade was already done.

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