ETS Magazine Special Mix Or Match 6/Pack Only $9.95ea (Free S/H)


Coupon "No Code Needed" for No CA Tax - ETS magazines are made from advanced polymers that provide extreme impact resistance so they won’t crack or break when dropped. With superior temperature tolerances our magazines won’t become brittle over time, even when exposed to harsh environments, chemicals, or extreme cold. Its durable construction eliminates creep so the feed lips and body won’t spread when being stored long term, even when fully loaded.

- Extreme Impact Resistance—won't crack or break when dropped
- Very resistant to harsh chemicals
- Superior heat, cold and UV resistance—won’t become brittle over time even when exposed to harsh environments or extreme cold
- Translucent body—allowing you to see your ammo count and type 
- Creep resistant—the feed lips and body won't spread when being stored long term even when fully loaded
- Compatible with Glock and aftermarket floorplates
- Easy disassembly with our specially designed baseplate
- Ergonomically designed floorplate makes it easy to grab from mag pouches
- 100% MADE IN USA

Instant Bulk / Special Pricing
Buy 6 or above and pay only $9.95 each

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Magazines
Brand: Elite Tactical System
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Brasky's picture

I've never had an issue with

I've never had an issue with a Glock mag but after about 300 rounds the 31rd ets mag causes failure to feed in both a Glock 17 and sub 2000

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No thanks botach. Fool me

No thanks botach. Fool me once...

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All great feedback gents.

All great feedback gents. Good to know a few of you are having success with these.

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MJ28's picture

I have issues with the 31rd

I have issues with the 31rd mag and my Kel tech sub 2000 Gen 2(Glock 17) . Magpul and Glock OEM mags work fine.

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Appreciate the comments

Appreciate the comments stacking9mm. The experience with the 31rd glock ones have made me hesitant to try the coupling mags but maybe I will go for it and at least try them. Your comments make me think maybe I got a few bad ones (have kept 3 of the 10 I ordered before the election loaded) because they have all had the spring issue. I agree though, glock factory ones are the ones to rely on. Thanks

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stacking9mm's picture

I haven't had any issues with

I haven't had any issues with these ETS AR coupled version mags or Glock mags. Functioned perfectly in my glock 19 gen 4 and keltec sub2k gen 2 through over 1,000 in each. I kept 6 31 round ets mags loaded in a pistol case for about 8 months and no issues at all or signs of weakening in the spring or feed lips. I bring a four of the coupled ETS mags to the range about once a month and so far they've functioned fine without a single problem. I noticed it helps to smack them to make sure the rounds are inserted properly as you load em but that's most AR mags. If anyone is interested they can checkout my youtube channel stacking9mm to see me testing them at the range. I'll keep on testing em out but so far my experience has been only positive and they've been excellent range mags. I still prefer glock factory mags for self defense and home defense setups.

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Much like TY has reported I

Much like TY has reported I purchased some of the extended glock mags less than a year ago. After keeping them loaded for probably 6 months or so if I remove a few rounds with my hands the spring barely has enough strength to keep pushing rounds up and they almost "bounce" around. Very easy to push down on the rounds into the mag. In fairness I will say I haven't had a chance to fire these since I noticed this problem so not sure how they will cycle but I can say I wouldn't trust it. When I fired them new out of my 26 I had 2 FTFs but it was with Tula and once I switched to PMC didn't have that happen again that day. I will update of I get a chance to fire out of the extended mags again but at least wanted people to hear this

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Own or should should say "did

Own or should should say "did own" these ETS mags

4--AR (30 rnds)
4--22 rnds
3--G19 (15rds)
6--G17 (17 rnds)
4--G18 (31 rnds)

And have off loaded all but the G17 mags, which I intend too as well.

They all insert and drop nicely, sadly that is where the love affair ends.

Tried them in a G34, G17, G19 and G26 (4th gen), G17 (3rd Gen) as well as a Colt, Bushmaster, POF, Armalite, & Anderson M4's, and a Kel-Plr 16. Strangely, of all platforms mentioned above the Kel-Tec functioned the best with these mags (only one mis-feed). I was once optimistic about these (as evidence by how damn many I bought-tried), but they absolutely don't have my trust for work/duty/defense and their unreliability makes them a true P.I.T.A. even at the range.

The pistol mag spring stays compressed over half the time and the rounds literally flop around (even turning backwards at times) in the magazine once a few rounds are fired-(pm me for pics).

The only pistol mags I could get any sort of consistent loading with was the 17 rnd ones. However, that was only from the first batch of 3, which have also lost a good amt of their translucent appearance after only shooting maybe 70-80 rounds with each of the three.

The second batch I ordered of G17s were unusable and experienced the spring issues I described above. Also of note, none of the ETS mags draw smoothly (if they fit at all) out of a variety of factory mag holsters or custom kydex to include Bladetech, BlackHawk and Ready Tactical to name a few.

On paper these seem like they would dwarf Magpul in features and benefits...

However, at the end of the day being able to demostrate a higher heat resistance threshold, tolerate colder temps, see your rounds or insert other next generation feature ETS advertises these as possessing,...all pale in comparison to reliabilty and these, for me, most definitely are not.

All mags were purchased through Botrash across a 3-5 month period, although, I think the reseller has little to do with QC issues. And yes, "Botrash," as they deserve to be called. After defending them for quite sometime they finally decided to let me experince some of their world class customer non-service and refused time and time again to right the wrong, even though it was blatantly their mistake (proof rendered). And no, it had nothing to do with my card being charged and funds held. Only a simpleton complains of such ridiculous things...

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Good deal and have had

Good deal and have had excellent results w/ their mags and with Botach.

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