EP 80% Jigless AR Lower Receiver, Kevlar reinforced Polymer - $37.50 after coupon PILGRIM

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California legal  

EP Lowers Black Friday special - $37.50 ea. Multiple colors available. Add to cart to get the discount. Use promo code PILGRIM for extra $18.75 off for total price of $37.50 ea. Cannot be combined with free ship offer but still a great deal especially if ordering multiple units. These are jigless 80% receivers. There are lots of Youtube videos show finishing with just a Dremel, or a drill press etc. http://www.eparmory.com/Lower-Receivers-s/1819.htm

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Deal works as advertised,

Deal works as advertised, applied code pilgrim to the volume quantity deals and that worked as well
with the same $10 shipping,

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I've tried typing in

I've tried typing in "PILGRIM" all different ways; upper case, lower case, first letter capitalized etc. COUPON DOES NOT WORK. RECEIVER is discounted but it's $67 NOT $37.00 !

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1 vote

just went and tried myself

just went and tried myself and it works $37.50 + $10 for shipping !

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try different browser or

try different browser or incognitio/private mode, sometimes this helps

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looks cool, great basis for

looks cool, great basis for another .22 lr build!

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Same price shipped gets you a

Same price shipped gets you a metal lower that is complete. Only diff is FFL fee. Pay the FFL and get a superior product with less effort and without the risk of ruining it on the way to completion. That being said, I am in for $25 maybe $30 shipped.

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FFL transfer fee ($25 - $75)

FFL transfer fee ($25 - $75) + DROS fee in CA ($25 - $35) = likely a minimum $50, and usually more like $65 - $100 on top of the receiver price, unless your FFL has the receiver w/special price deal you want in stock themselves and so doesn't charge a transfer fee to bring it in from another FFL for you. Plus a 10 day wait in CA. And it will be DROS'd as a rifle and thus not usable for a pistol project. So yeah, knock yourself out. Or spend $50 for one shipped from EP and take pride in completion + you can self register it with the DOJ as a pistol or if you want you don't even have to reg it at all, rifle or pistol.

I used to think like you, then I started wanting a *LEGAL* AR 'pistol' in CA and I found out that the best way, for many practically speaking the only way unless they wanted to drive half way across the state and spend $1000+ (easy) at an FFL willing to do a SSE AR pistol, was to start with an 80% lower.

Plus these make great gifts - you can give them away with no paper work and maybe get someone interested in ARs.

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Here in the free state of

Here in the free state of Indiana I can buy a quality aluminum lower shipped to my FFL where stripped lowers are sold as "other" rather than "rifle" this allows me to exercise my RIGHT to build it as a pistol or rifle. for $56.95 and pay the $10 transfer fee. $66.95 and I am good. God bless freedom!

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

LOL, why? Why when you could

LOL, why? Why when you could have one finished of a superior material for less? Who is this stupid? Raise your hands. The pay more for an 80% crowd gets first dibs in the new FEMA showers.


Wash that stupid off.

$20 tops.

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Let me tell you exactly why

Let me tell you exactly why chief: Legal AR pistol build in CA. *THAT* is the reason. You want to own an AR pistol in CA, especially one less than $1000 and also without having to drive far and wide to find an FFL to do a single shot exception for you, then you start with an 80% lower and you build the firearm yourself from scrap, not from an already completed lower with a serial number and FFL transfer. If you want to pay $150 minimum for an aluminum 80% lower with a jig, go for it. If you want to build a legal AR pistol in CA using a Dremel and no jig, this is your ticket.

Don't assume everyone here is as stupid as you. Go wipe that stupid off your face.

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

When you say "legal", is that

When you say "legal", is that California codeword for "USELESS"??? You Comifornian clowns make me laugh. Talk about "far and wide", how many places you been attempting to obtain that "May Issue" permit....lol. You can't legally carry one, concealed or open so what's the point? What kind of kook would anyway?

They're garbage from a design standpoint as well, pistol length barrels diminish the energy, accuracy and overall capability of what the 5.56 was designed to do in the first place. Add to that your 10 round magazine limitations and bullet buttons and you have perhaps the most oversized, non concealable, overpriced and neutered firearm in existence. Congrats on your namesake, The California AR Pistol.

So boiled down, you're defending the stupidity to buy inferior, overpriced, unfinished plastic lowers for the sake of building perhaps the most USELESS gun one could own in California? Hey, not saying you shouldn't have the right own one, just can't figure why'd anyone would pay more to do it. But then again, you're the Californian here, and we all know the geniuses that live there. Your politicians are such a shining example.

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Steve's right and there's

Steve's right and there's people like me that enjoy projects as I do and a challenge, for me it's just like reloading or anything else in that matter, I've done plenty of 80%ers and figured I'd give these a try! I just ordered a total of five! 3 black, 1 od green and a fde,

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weezeremo's picture

i just watched the video...

i just watched the video... and wow that is easy... hell i even got a mill vice for my press that would work perfect on this plastic. In for two

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