Multiple Materials
Made from the highest quality material
Perfect accessory and supply for hunting and camping
Manufactured in the united states

UPC#: 672294110064

Price compare for 672294110064 - EOTech VUDU 3.5-18x 50mm Obj 29.5-5.7 ft @ 100 yds FOV 34mm Tube Black

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Based on the description, this is counterfeit. Do not buy.

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Based on the description? Seriously? Look at what company listed it. It's Eotech. Click on the Eotech name and it takes you to Eotech's Amazon store. I own this optic and mine is exactly like this one. You're just a troll idiot that makes comments based on absolutely no facts.

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Wrong. Eotech did not list it.
"Sold by: SmartTechs"
Wrong it does not take you to "Eotech's amazon store" It takes you to amazon search results for eotech products. It even says "1-16 of 128 results for EOTECH" when you click on eotech on the scope page.

Who the fuck is smarttechs? Does that sound like an authorized vendor to you? Are you willing to hand this vendor $982 after they posted that stupid ass description?

"Multiple Materials
Made in USA
Made from the highest quality material
Perfect accessory and supply for hunting and camping
Manufactured in the united states"


Only a moron would think this is a legit listing. Did you confirm anything you said?

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Actually you are wrong again. The listing clearly says "by Eotech", which makes it an Eotech. If you look to the right side, it says ships and sold by Amazon. So this particular scope isn't sold by SmartTechs as you claim. SmartTechs is a retailer selling the same scope just like the other 13 retailers in the of which is OpticsPlanet. Just because a retailer you've never heard of is selling an item it makes it a fraud? How do you know they aren't an authorized Eotech dealer? Only a moron doesn't know how to read an Amazon listing and realize thousands of retailers, 95% you've never heard of, sell on that site, legitimately. Even if, by your assumption, it is a fake, Amazon stands by every purchase. I had an issue with a third party retailer and they told me that Amazon gives a retailer 3 days to refund or replace an item. If they don't, Amazon will give you the money and then they go after the retailer to reimburse them. So, even though you may think you know what you're talking about, you don't.

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Pretty bad attempt to save face. "If is says (insert brand) and amazon sells it that means it couldn't possibly be fake!"
LOL....ok has sold counterfeits and of course the seller is going to use the brand name. Are you playing retarded or are yo actually retarded?

Multiple Materials!
Made from the highest quality material!
Perfect accessory and supply for hunting and camping!


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I hardly doubt this is counter fit just from reading the description. It’s sold by Amazon and they have a good description of it. Click on the link and it’ll have all the specs there.

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Amazon has been found to sell counterfeit products many, many times - to include optics.

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