The year is 1944; the British have been in two world wars and are quickly realizing that mobility is essential to keeping troops alive and effective. Thus, the "Jungle Carbine" was born though it was known officially as the Lee-Enfield # 5 MK 1. The .303 British caliber rifle was a scaled-down version of the Enfield No. 4 Mk 1, losing nearly 4 inches of barrel and 2.5 pounds from the original rifle. The Jungle carbine was then fitted with a conical flash hider and a newly designed rubber buttpad. Keeping the same sighting system as the No. 4 Mk 1, it had a fixed front sight and an adjustable peep rear sight, and a flip-up ladder sight for the longer-range shots. The Enfield No. 5 kept the same detachable 10 round magazine. The No. 5 still operated like the original, so no extra training was needed for soldiers to be proficient with this carbine version. The No. 5 never saw action before WWII ended. However, it was issued to British paratroopers probably for an invasion into northern Japan that never happened. The Jungle Carbine saw its action in the colonial conflicts of Southeast Asia following WWII subsequently; that is also where it earned its unofficial nickname. Surplus rifles are becoming harder and harder to find these days and these Jungle Carbines are no different. Do not hesitate to add these to your surplus collection.Please see the extended description below for a solid overview of what you can expect condition-wise on these rifles.
Enfield #1 MK5

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Tempting. I've always had an interest in these. Historically very cool.

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