Original #1 Mk3 model British Enfield rifles,.303 Caliber, Bolt Action. I don't know what theater of action this particular lot of rifles saw battle in because it could have been just about anywhere. The .303 Enfield was one of the most prominent battle rifles ever produced. Back in the late 80's and Early 90's we were able to obtain these fairly easily but they have been largely gone for years. Limited quantity available.
Having not seen Enfields for years, and knowing that you seldom see really nice ones unless they are re-finished, these aren't beauty queens but would make an excellent addition to a collection

No collection is complete without the addition of an Enfield.... Don't Miss This.......C & R Eligible

We do not select or even grade by bore condition and bores will be as is luck of the draw.

Product Specs 5 Round Bolt Action .303 Caliber #1 Mk3 C & R Eligible
License Requirement Curio and Relic
Manufacturer United Kingdom
Mfg. Part Number Enfield #1 Mk3
Caliber/Gauge .303 British
Action Bolt Action
Barrel Length 22
Condition Surplus / Used

Enfield #1 Mk3

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I'm showing my age when I say that I remember buying an Australian army surplus model for $100.

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Century Arms bought out Springfield Sporters. Springfield sporters had over 20,000 lee enfield rifles. Don't spend $600 for these now. The price will go lower once other dealers start buying those up.

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Century Arms has horrible prices on the rifles they bought

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That's the truth. But they had a ton of lee enfields, so many that they won't be able to hold out for a high price. Thats the word on the street. Friend went there one time and said there was 10000 or more enfields stacked in the warehouse.

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I'd love another of these but not at this price.

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