Emperor Firearms MPTAC12 12Ga Pump Shotgun with VISM Light + Shell Holder
• 12 GA 2 3/4" and 3" capable
• 18.5" Chrome-Lined Barrel
• 5+1 Capacity
• Dual Action Bars from Solid 4140 Steel
• Rubber Pistol Grip
• Synthetic Stock
• Tactical Sights
• Muzzle Brake as Interchangeable Choke + 1 Regular Choke Tube
• Sling Studs
• VISM Tactical Flashlight w/ Rail Mount
• Allen Shell Holder

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TURKEY ?? I will put my American $$$ on an American made shotgun TY

Anyone know what warranty Emperor Firearms gives on the guns they import?

I would say is a year like most of the other manufacturers

I wish the semi-automatic version is available.

I never get the cheap shotgun thing. Good shotguns are cheap anyway. I mean, 160 bucks is 160 bucks I guess, but for a hundred more you could buy a mossberg 500 and run it forever..

Going hunting for the first time what would be a good hunting weapon for wild hogs

Hmm never heard of this brand.. Im guessing made in China? not a deal breaker though.

Anyone know what model shotgun this is a clone of?

For the money if it's reliable it seems hard to beat.. It looks like it's already setup for a optic, the flash light I wouldn't have a lot of trust in but thats minor, Slap a sling and a red dot on it and I can't think of much else.

Only down side I see is it's only a 5 round tube.. It really should be a 7 for a setup like this imo.

for a little more The security mav88 is a solid shotgun, but it is plane jane as can be, doesn't even come with sling studs.

I think I might pass on this.. but If it gets much cheaper I dunno if I can resist.

Oh as far as KY Gun goes, I ordered a pair of Taurus 809's from them and they came in a reasonable amount of time.
They was unable to send me sequential serial numbers though :/

Also both was missing their cleaning brushes not that it's a big deal but there is a foam cut out slot in the case for it and kinda sucks that it's empty, The paper work did not include the SN of the guns bought.. which kinda sucks for record keeping, I can prove I bought 2 from KY but can't prove which particular 2 it was.

I'd still do business with them again though.

I think these are made in Turkey not China.
They generally get favorable reviews, hard to beat for the price.

Do you know what shotgun is it a clone of?

Im still debating.. don't need another HD shotgun, but if these hit 150 I think I'll bite.

Looks like an 870 clone to me.. I checked em out at Kygunco and it's not a bad gun for the money.

How would you describe what they list as "Tactical Sights"? I can't really tell from the pictures. Mainly the one on the receiver?



I have never seen someone post a dot before. I guess there is a first time for everything.

On a different note, I bit on this one once they dropped the price to $163. We'll see how it looks when it gets to my local FFL in a week or so.

Update: Looks nice! Quality is pretty decent. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.

Why would anyone justify $184 on an entirely new shotgun when they could buy a collapsable stock for thier AR for only $300?

You'd have to be smoking crack. Absolute LUNACY

BORING. Move along.

Just ordered mine looks like delivery is going to be wick from the tracking report
Ordered today be here Thursday

How did it turn out for you im bout to order mine just wanna know what there like. Ok,good,great,or crap dont do it. Thanks bud hope to hear back from ya

Shotgun got shipped to my local dealer. It is bad ass also feels sturdy, well made and the finish on it is nice!


Oh, really? Let me know how that crow tastes? Now take your head out of your rear before you speak next time. I love keyboard commanders like you that run your mouth.



What site is this ?

That's illegal. You can't have a gun shipped direct to your door. It has to go through FFL along with the necessary NICS background checks

This $99.99 offer to which you refer, is it expired? I can't find an offer for anything less than the $183 shown here.

Same here, I'm confused at where this dude is finding any shotgun under $100

Click on what? what in the hell are you talking about?

$138 a few days ago, now $!!

$138 is a different model. This one has pistol grip, fiber optic sights, threaded for chokes, ported choke included and cylinder, upgraded low profile tactical light. Two completely different set-ups.

Thanks for the clarifying it.
Saw that on here:

When will you have it back in stock?

We have more on order. You can signup for email notification when we get them back in stock

Well I am glad to see that I am not the only one that has had bad experiences with Kentucky Gun. They have grown and it has gone to their head. Like the used car salesman of guns.

No doubt. Done got too big for their britches. Both of em. I live less than an hour from both. I just go to 111 in Louisville now.....

So Kentucky Gun co takes a $99 shotgun with $15 I. Parts and jacks up the price. Way to go. Kentucky Gun Co sucks. They sometimes have good deals but wouldn’t waste my time with them.

please tell me where I can get one for $99! thats a DEAL!! I can't find this shotgun for under $200 except at kygunco??

He's talking out his rear. I've lived all over the country and never seen $99 shotgun either.

Even a single shot

They are about 30 mins from me and I can not make myself go there anymore. Also shopped at Buds some before they became to big and didn't want to deal with the people in the store. Funny story, I was in Bud's one day a couple years ago and an employee was telling me about Kenny's Guns which is now Fully Loaded and how he was buying things from there as Bud's wouldn't even beat the price for an employee.

Is fully Loaded just a local shop or do they sell online also. I didn't find a website.

The previous poster is just a shill commenting for their own business. Don't fall for it.

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