The ELF Push Button Ambi Speed Safety is as simple as it gets. On SAFE the cylinder is plain and on FIRE the cylinder has a red ring. To Switch between SAFE and FIRE you just press in on the cylinder. You press on the left side to FIRE and press on the right side to return to SAFE. Its fast and easier to use than a standard AR-15 safety under stressful situations or competition.

Quickly take your AR from safety to fire and back to safe with the simple push of a button. This is the fastest safety selector to engage and disengage one the market, with no rotation necessary, no shifting of the shooters hand needed.

Push Safety Design
Ambidextrous Operation
Extremely fast on-off
Precision machined from hardened Stainless Steel
Compatible with all Mil-spec receivers
Includes Detent
Absolute lifetime Guarantee
Proudly made in the USA

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