EAA Witness Fullsize Steel-Blue 10mm, 15 round (EA10B) **SPECIAL - $362 shipped (make an offer) (Free S/H on Firearms)

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If price is higher, try submitting a price match request if available - In the "Who are we matching?" field write: gun.deals - New In Box EUROPEAN AMERICAN ARMORY Witness Series Semi-Automatic Pistols.For more than ten years the Witness pistol line has been one of themost highly sought after semi auto pistols in the American market.Witness pistols are one of the most versatile, safest, comfortable,durable, simplest and convertible pistols in the world. There is averity of, off the shelf, caliber conversions for the Witness as wellas, off the shelf, options that can transform a Witness from a standardmodel to a full-fledged competition gun.Witness Full Size Steel Frame in .38 Super, 10MM, .45 ACP can beconverted to: 22LR, 9MM, 40S&W, 38Super, 45ACP, 10MMThere is a new Witness polymer that is the culmination of all ofTanfoglio’s experience. This pistol utilizes the highest capacitymagazines and includes an integral accessory rail while stillmaintaining he comfortable grip you have come to know as a standard ofthe Tanfoglio product. The sight system on the new Witness polymer islow profile while maintaining easy target acquisition.SPECIFICATIONS:Caliber: 9MM; 40 S&W; 10MM; 45ACP; 38 SuperAction: Double Action/Single ActionSafety: Auto Firing Pin BlockManual Frame Mounted Sear BlockHalf Cock/Resting NotchCapacity: 8,10,12,15,18rdsBarrel Length: 4.5" (Full Size); 3.6" (Compact)Sights: Three Dot; Windage AdjustableOverall Width: 1.4"Overall Height: 4.5"Weight: 33 oz.(Full Size); 30 oz.(Compact 40s&w, 10mm)29 oz.(Compact 45acp)Grips: Ergonomical gripFinish: Blue or WonderFrame: Polymer or SteelWonder: Matte Finish with a Heat Treatment process for Steelthat is corrosion resistant.
UPC#: 741566106996
SKU#: 999200
Bud's Item Number#: 15616

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 10mm
Brand: European American Armory
UPC: 741566106996
MPN: 999200
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las vegas eagle's picture

hey bistneau; I own the 10mm

hey bistneau; I own the 10mm bought it thru EAA
and im very happy with it.. i also own the 45acp and the 22lr.
ive never had an issue with any caliber... and ive shot at least 500 rds. with each caliber..
never a ftf or fte..
the blueing is on the thin side and will rub off real easy.... and the shell casing from the 10mm will eject about 20 ft. away from you..
but overall im very happy with them and you can run anything thru them.
i have big hands and the grip on the full size fits me perfect. you can get a very tight grip.
so i hope this helps you

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These always interest me for

These always interest me for a car carry having big bore and lots of ammo capacity at a lower price point but i worry about reliability myself and would like seeing comments from experienced users. I would not purchase from Bud's though.

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Shows $425 for me. Is the

Shows $425 for me. Is the pic accurate? The rounded slide version of these was known to have a cracking issue. This looks more like the older (i.e. better) square slide version. Did they finally stop making the rounded slide that cracks? I've always been interesting in buying one, but supposedly their blued finish is not good and the rounded slide cracks. The square slide with Wonder finish was supposed to be good, however. This is basically a CZ 75 copy, so it should be a great gun if it's well made..

1 vote
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I don't anything about this

I don't anything about this gun accept for that it's tickeling my interest...

I show 377.... Cash price...

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