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Girsan has established a reputation for making great clones, and they've hit it out of the park again with the new Regard 92. Its size, ergonomics and controls are all nearly identical to the original design of the Beretta 92, and almost all the internals (aside from the barrel and locking block) are interchangeable with Beretta 92 parts--so you've got decades of aftermarket support if you choose to customize it.

The Regard 92 grip is the same size as the Beretta 92, but with finger grooves on the front and vertical serrations on the back to help you get a grip in extreme conditions. Additionally, the left-side safety lever has been slightly enlarged to aid in manipulation, and the double action trigger pull is actually a little smoother than that of the original. Best of all, the Regard 92 is compatible with Beretta 92 magazines. If you've always wanted to get your hands on a Beretta 92, but don't want to drop $600 (or more) to make it happen, the Regard 92 is your best bet. So check it out. See why it's been a favorite among Turkish military and law enforcement personnel for years.

Most internal components are interchangeable with Beretta 92 parts
Compatible with Beretta 92 magazines
Ambidextrous slide-mounted safety/decocker
Left-side safety lever has been slightly enlarged for easier manipulation
Windage-adjustable rear sight/dot front
Reversible magazine release
Made in Turkey by Girsan, imported by EAA
Includes (1) 18-rd. magazine
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Key Specifications
Item Number: 710447
Caliber: 9mm
Action: Semi-automatic (DA/SA)
Capacity: 18+1
Barrel Length: 4.9"
Sights: Windage-adjustable rear/dot front
Safety: Ambidextrous manual thumb
Overall Length: 8.6"
Overall Width: 1.375"
Overall Weight: 34.4 oz.
Country of Origin: Turkey
Mfg. Number: EAA 390080
UPC: 741566903175
Item number: WX2-710447

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Looks like they took features from several pistols. Looks like an M9 with an M9A3 pic. rail and the finger groove grip frame of a Taurus PT917C.

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I bought one of these recently off Gunbroker (and paid slightly more than if I had grabbed it from SG w/ the code). I have to say the fit and finish is fantastic! I have had a 92FS and M9 in the past and regretted selling both. I have a Taurus PT92 and IMO the finish is much better on this Girsan. I have 300 rounds thru the gun w/o any hiccups. Took it straight to the range from the FFL and shot it out of the box for 100 rounds before stripping and cleaning/lubing it. I swapped in a David Olhasso competition hammer spring (slightly lighter than a factory D spring) and 200 rounds thru it with that spring w/o any issues. I also swapped on a set of Cool Hand G10 grips that I had to slightly drill out the screw holes since spacing is off by a couple millimeters or so compared to Beretta. I have been following the Girsan Regard series since it was first imported in by Chiappa and then by Zenith and finally decided to pick it up now that EAA is bringing them in. The only parts as far as I can tell by research that isn't swappable with Beretta and WC parts is the barrel and lug. They DO work fine with Mec Gar Beretta mags (have yet to try surplus ones) and they appear to be the exact same mags as the factory Girsan (also made by Mec Gar) save for the finish. I'll next be converting it to a G model w/ the decocker kit from Beretta. All in all, I have to say I wish I had gotten one sooner.

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I'm interested in how that G conversion works in this pistol, installation and function. I did one on a 92A1 already.

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Thanks for the review. Much appreciated.

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Not all Beretta parts will work in this gun, and mags have a varying degree of reliability as I understand it. I was going to get a regard, but for just shy over 120 bucks more I could get a 92fs or an M9 for 449. Last week you could get an Italian made 92fs for 469 shipped. If the flashy gold accent one starts coming in again I may consider it.

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Agreed right now is a great time to be a Beretta 92 fan.

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Seems more like a 92A1 with the picatinny rail. Too bad it doesn't have a removeable front sight too.

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It’s closer to a M9A1 with its fixed front sight and squared trigger guard but different rail and added finger grooves.

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Anyone fired one of these? Is it on par with a 92?

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I've been debating about getting one. I've seen a couple good in depth reviews . Susposably it has no plastic parts, the springs are nice and tight and the finish is pretty good. I would like to see one in person though. Also read you can swap out beretta 92 parts and mags. I've been looking for the compact version of this pistol but so far no luck.

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