E-Lander Magazines are combat proven mags with anti-tilt / self-leveling followers.

E-Lander Magazines are Israeli made, military grade magazines for the AR15 M16 M4 and TAVOR weapons systems. E-Lander’s Anti-Tilt, Self-Leveling follower is the gold standard for M16/AR15 magazines and provides reliable and consistent feeding. The KTL maritime coating makes the E-Lander M16/AR15 30rd Steel Magazine the only steel mag to survive a 96-hour salt spray test and function perfectly.

Advanced Features:

High Performance Steel Magazine
Tested by Special Military Forces and Anti-Terror Units
Fine Resistance Body Coating, Enduring a 96 hour salt-spray test
State-of-the-art Anti-Tilt, Self-Leveling follower
Improved Reinforced Floorplate

E-Lander mags have a proven combat record and used by many international special military and police units.

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Was *literally* just watching some ammo tests of 6.5G from various makers on Full30 where the E-Lander 25rd mag couldn't be loaded past ~15rds before it became too balky according to the reviewer. Obviously, this is only one magazine [same reviewer each test], but would suggest if you're going to get their Grendel mags to do so from a seller who accepts returns for defective product, and then *immediately* go to the range to test them after purchase so you can find out which ones are going to play nice w/ the rest of your gear.

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