DSA ZM4 Stripped Lower Receiver - $125

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ZM4R: DSA ZM4 AR15 lower receiver

Marked multi caliber
Made from 7075 T6 aluminum forging
Type 3 hard coat anodizing finish
FFL required for purchase
All NFA rules apply

They are taking orders and shipping in February. Ordered one and while I was checking out giving the associate my email he noticed I was in the Military and gave me a Military discount. Ended up getting it for $105! Good people to talk to, if you can get ahold of them, and a great company for supporting the troops. Ordering a rifle next.

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Caliber: Lowers
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I've had good luck with DSA.

I've had good luck with DSA. When it is in stock they ship it quick. If it isn't in stock well grab a snickers bar and enjoy the wait. The last order i received from them was a stripped upper and buffer spring. This was about 24 hours before Obama kicked the panic buying into high gear. 10 days later i had a package at my door.

I'll purchase from them again.

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Buyer beware! I talked to a

Buyer beware! I talked to a guy today at work. Heo rdered an Upper in Feb 2012 and it took 7 months to get....LOL.

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Very long wait even before

Very long wait even before the run on parts. I ordered a 20" upper from them April 16, 2012 and received it early December, and this was well before the election and Sandy Hook. I would call about each 6 weeks and was always told 2 more weeks. They take orders but don't have it in stock. The website doesnt show if they have it or not, but they'll take your order. Cant imagine you could get anything in less than a year considering current situation.

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Arsenal76's picture

I wouldn't order on a 10 week

I wouldn't order on a 10 week back order...if a ban is going to be implemented it will likely be implemented by then!
Another thing to think about, some places have a business site where they get parts in and then ship them out, others are virtual storefronts where people order through them and then they simple order and direct ship from their supplier. Some companies are run by a handful of people, some run by 100...
Sure I ordered in stock ammo from cabela's and received it rather quickly, but nothing from Brownell's or DSGArms as both items were already on BACKORDER status. Took brownells like a week just to verify the order was submitted....
I have verified that from 12-21 to 12-25 DSGARMS took over 5,000 orders, pretty sure brownells is busier than DSGArms.
They cut off back-orders because they are so far behind and can't possibly ship new orders out within any reasonable time!

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Ordered and received from

Ordered and received from them before. Ordered today over the phone and told 10 weeks backorder. Not a problem since I have dealt with them before. I dont understand ppl that are frustrated with delays right now. All these companies are doing minimum 10 times their business before Newton. Common sense would tell you that everyone in the gun business is swamped right now. If our gas was going to be cut off within a month would you be in line at a gas station saying why is everyone in line? How come they dont have as much gas as yesterday? Why isnt the guy working at the gas station waving his magic wand and making more gas appear? Even better is why does it straight to voice mail? Why arent they replying to my email? These companies probably only have 1 or 2 lines and im sure inboxes are full of every swinging dick saying why havent you shipped? I ordered yesterday and I havent seen a tracking #? Sorry for the rant I had to say it somewhere!

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The problem isn't the wait.

The problem isn't the wait. The owner was in the paper stating he had 50 employees......apparently none can read or respond to an email. I don't mind the wait, but if you order froom Spikes, or any of the reputable places, you at least get the professionalism of a reply. I have ordered probably 50 parts since Sandy Hook, and have never had the same poor service as DS ARms. In fact if you look at their facebook page, they have DOZENS of complaints on there, and even people from LAST FEBRUARY that have gotten the run around. They state a part is in stock, and sell it to someone else...BAD BUSINESS MODEL! Please check it out for yourself if you don't believe me. Again....don't state you have a product, and the two weeks later say you are 10 weeks on backorder. This is a decptive company at best. Buyer Beware!

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Arsenal76's picture

I can't comment on this

I can't comment on this companies shadiness from personal experience, but the person saying they ordered from them a few weeks ago and nothing.. ANYONE heard anything about NEWTOWN and PANIC BUYING?

SERIOUSLY..everyone is 2-3 weeks behind right now so you can't really judge anyone in a 'normal' manner.

I've ordered from about 5 stores since then and only got one order..kesselrings shipped me sig p226 mags really quick..
personalchoiceoutfitters is a little suspect as google search brings up non-shipped items and reseller ratings are bad...

you should google the name of the company and see what pops up, then try the name of the company and scam and see what comes up..if there are a lot of bad things then STAY AWAY... but you can't really say just because you have yet to receive an order place after 12-14-12 is subject to delays due to holidays and overwhelming orders, lack of stock, etc.

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Actuall, I have placed a

Actuall, I have placed a $1000+ order from them. My girlfriend also has an order from them, and a friend.......so THREE actual customers that CAN speak on this company.......all three have emailed several times, and called dozens of times. I am aware of the CT shooting and the Preppers and Airsoft guys freaking out right now......that aside, I get my orders from Reputable companies within 2 weeks. I have received orders and email responses in the last month from Paul at Rainier Arms, Palmetto State, Buds, Joebobs, Brownells, Midway and I purchased a BCM Bolt Carrier last wednesday from BCM and got it yesterday. You either run a reputable company and return emails and phone calls, or you don't....this place is a scam artist. So buyer beware. If you have it in stock, there is no reason it should take 4 weeks to ship....plain and simple.

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So much drama over my first

So much drama over my first post. This is exciting!

I ordered. Took me two calls to get ahold of a real person. Talked to them for 10+ minutes and got their scoop of when it will ship. Card isn't charged until it ships. Had dealer send ffl ahead of time. I'm not worried.

Please read up on the NFA legality on lowers marked "burst or auto or bullets" before posting bs on my first post/deal. This is not illegal and no tax stamp needed.

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Who said it was illegal? I

Who said it was illegal? I hope you were not refering to my comment which stated that there is no restriction on this lower. In fact I don't see anyone saying that......

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No my remark was directed at

No my remark was directed at swampie

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Ds ARMS is a shady company at

Ds ARMS is a shady company at best. Buyer beware!! I would highly suggest you do not order from them. I ordered "IN STOCK" bolt carriers from the a few weeks ago. This was before they listed that they will ship in February. I have called 10 times, and emailed several times.....NO REPLY AT ALL.. They are a local company here in Chicago with a horrible reputation.....be careful!

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VERY Shady indeed. Two

VERY Shady indeed. Two dealings with DSA, both times I was left wishing I hadn't dealt with them.

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So this is a 3 shot burst

So this is a 3 shot burst receiver; is why the NFA rules apply? Does this store help you with the $200.00 stamp tax paperwork also? Regards

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There is no restriction on

There is no restriction on this lower. Many companies offer the 3 shot burst or full auto lower markings for looks. The receiver itself is not, and can not be sold to you if it is milled out, or has the extra hole for the FA sear......but this company is shady.

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Forgot to mention that

Forgot to mention that shipping was only $6

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LoL - site says "call to

LoL - site says "call to order"

I called, instantly got voice mail, "voice mail box is full, please hang up".

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Also from there homepage:

Also from there homepage: ZM4 lower receivers (Sold-out next production runs available end of February, we will start filling backorders at that time)
I wouldn't order from them, I've heard of people with orders for uppers still waiting from last summer/fall.

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If you know a place to get a

If you know a place to get a lower for a reasonable price that ships sooner, be sure to let us know. I'm not in a big hurry and I won't lose any money if they don't ship it, so I'm going to order.

To save others time: they need a copy of your FFL's certificate before they will place your order. Have your FFL fax this to 847-277-7259 or email to customerservice1@dsarms.com (put FFL in the email subject). Give them 1 day after this is sent to them and call back to place your order.

Yes, you will get voicemail a lot when you call. Just keep trying back. On my first call I got right through. I called back a little later to get their email address for the FFL and I called maybe a dozen times over an hour and got through. Again, this isn't a deal for you if you're in a hurry :)

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Keep your eyes on PK Firearms

Keep your eyes on PK Firearms as well, they been listing lower receivers pretty frequently. I snagged a Kaiser Defense for $150 on Saturday, already in the mail to my FFL.

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Anderson, Aero, Pase 5

Anderson, Aero, Pase 5 tactical, Sun Devil...all ship sooner and are reputable companies. DS Arms is a scam.

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