DPMS - LR-308 Upper Receiver, Assembled - $159.99 (Free S/H + $10 Off over $99 w/code "LDD")

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Online Only, Do Not Call, one coupon per order - Coupon "LDD" for $10 Off $99 + Free S/H or Coupon "LDN" for $20 off $200 + free shipping - High-quality, extruded upper receiver comes in A3 flattop configuration that offers plenty of flexibility in both open and optical sighting options. MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail has 17 cross-slots that accept popular AR-15/M16 accessories and scope mounts. Shell deflector and forward assist are machined as a single unit Assembled receiver has the charging handle, ejection port cover, and forward assist already installed.
308AR Upper Receivers
Mfr Part: 308FTTEA1

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Uppers
Brand: Dpms Panther Arms
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So is this a good deal for a

So is this a good deal for a "budget build"?

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0 votes

It's a good deal for a 308 on

It's a good deal for a 308 on any level. The quality is very high and there's nothing it won't do except perhaps win a beauty pageant

2 votes
0 votes

I built the rifle knowing

I built the rifle knowing well that bolt action rifles for 1/3 the price will out-shoot it... I just wanted a nice ass 308 AR. There is no wise logic behind it.

BTW sorry I edited my post before while you were typing a reply. I have a bad editing habit, or maybe a bad habit of posting too soon and not liking my choice of words.

And why do my replies keep going at the top instead of in the conversation?!?

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I think you're going a little

I think you're going a little overboard on your interpretation of my use of "flare". I just used a basic billet upper. I just like the look of billet machine parts... Sorry if my $250 receiver highly offended you.

Since you love the DPMS receivers... Message me. I have this one available. You can have it $150 shipped.

But you should really relax. It's not like the overpriced pretty parts have pushed your basic parts out of production. Just buy what you like! I have cheap ass rifles, and I have expensive ones. My 308 is a safe queen... Where I live, I will rarely be able to shoot it... So at least I can enjoy looking at it!

2 votes
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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

$3k you say? Ouch! The money

$3k you say? Ouch!

The money you throw away doesn't offend me, it's your money, but it should offend you...


I guess the personal satisfaction one gets overspending for flair is worth the two grand to some... Just not to me.

But look on the bright side, even though you said you won't be able to shoot it much, at least you'll be able to look at it...

God Bless America.

2 votes
2 votes

I would prefer a scar for

I would prefer a scar for less than that, my local shooting range has one stickered for 2800 but is willing to go 26. But i can see getting carried away on a build, my prize build is a 556 with 1800 in it and 308s are pricey, also dpms stands for didnt pass mil spec lol...

2 votes
1 vote
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Thanks for the offer but I'm

Thanks for the offer but I'm cool. 10's aren't really my thing. I have a Rem700 AAC-SD with an Aimpoint Hunter that I've built for silent, fast acquisition head explosions & limb removal inside the 300yard mark. Granted I haven't found a reasonable priced suppressor yet, but it's coming. A work in progress but should be hard to beat when it comes to fast one shot drops on dangerous game.

Nothing fancy, but bargain balls to the wall function for it's intended use... which is what Ole' PigsnJigs is all about.

2 votes
1 vote
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

I respect your right to

I respect your right to overspend. I don't agree and wish you wouldn't, it goes against what I said about paying for function and not fads, but it is, in the end, your choice.

A $3k dollar AR-10 huh? That say's a lot about the trends I mentioned. I say trend because no doubt you're rifle is a sweet piece, but no doubt it would be out performed by an out of the box Rem700... Oh right, the 700's not semi auto. Okay, Probably a surplus FAL as well.

I'm not trying to be a smart ass here, just saying paying more for less isn't my thing, and if more dollars spent give me no functional advantage, I don't buy...and that's how people used to think, but unfortunately not any more. That's why we have $3000 AR's that don't shoot any better than ones for a third their price.

2 votes
4 votes

I bought one of these to use

I bought one of these to use for loose mock up while I was waiting for my billet upper that was backordered. It's really not a bad part. Fit and finish is great on it. I have handled a few dpms receivers and I have to say that the quality and finish is really there... 100%. But man, why doesn't dpms care at all to add a little "flare" to their products? Everything I have seen is really well manufactured but just so plain and I suppose "ugly" compared to all the awesome receiver options out there.

One of these days ill grab a CMMG billet lower to go with this upper for a second, more budget minded, 308 AR. Maybe 6.5 creedmore or something?

1 vote
3 votes
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

The fact that you're telling

The fact that you're telling us DPMS lacks "flair" persuades me to go out and give them some of my money. I loath the over rated, over priced trends in firearms these days... I'd give anything to go back to the days where MEN paid for FUNCTION, not fads and the market reflected that.

Flair is for TGI Fridays waitresses and flaming homosexuals.

It should NOT be for firearms!

11 votes
2 votes

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