Save $26.02 on a DPMS 3 gun barrel assembly. Sale price: $756.25

Only 1 in stock, first come first serve.

DPMS upper assembly in 5.56 NATO. Just add it to your lower.

18" Heavy Contour
416 Stainless Steel
Teflon Coated Black
6 Grooves, Right-Hand, 1-8 Twist
Threaded with Miculek Compensator
Chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO
VTAC Modular Rifle Length Free Float Tube
Aluminum Single Rail Gas Block
A3 Flattop Upper Receiver

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$749.99 at Midway USA after coupon 5081277 with predictable shipping rates ($12) -

Also, this seller lists his only item in stock on gunbroker for over $800 to mislead us that this is a good deal, shipping via gunbroker is $17. I think this sellers should not be allowed to post here any more especially after his ammo deal fiasco yesterday.

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Thanks for finding this out and posting it to inform other users.

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