Parts Included:
Burnt Bronze Cerakote Finish
DPMS LR-308 Lower
Remington Slick Side Target Upper Receiver with High Rail
Bushmaster 6-Position Collapsible Stock
Buffer, Buffer Spring, and Buffer Tube, Castle Nut & End Plate
CMMG KeyMod Handguard - 15" Length
ERGO Pistol Grip
AR308 Takedown & Pivot Pins
AR308 Bolt Catch
Bushmaster Bolt Carrier Group
Mil-Spec Charging Handle
Does not include barrel, gas tube, gas block, muzzle brake or magazine.
Must be shipped to FFL dealer.
We will not ship this gun to California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York.
Manufacturer: DPMS
Model: DPMS 308
Caliber: 308 WIN

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This is a really odd collection of parts; I kind of get the idea that someone who wants to 'build' an AR-10 might want to choose the barrel, brake, gas system, etc BUT if that was the case would they really go for an upper missing a FA and dust cover? Plus most guys interested in putting together a custom rifle have no interest in a plain jane BCG.

Also, it is odd that the description makes no mention of missing a lower parts kit but the ad and photos suggest it is not included even they are not named when they specifically list the 'excluded' items.

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Honestly you give away your green-ness with posts like this...not understanding what CDNN is or what the point of a kit like this would be for the end user.

It really makes me think you actually are just some Democrat kid living in mommy's house who just got into guns when they felt threatened by Donald Trump in 2016.


Some info:

CDNN is a firearm/parts/etc. clearing house for discontinued items or items from companies that have gone out of business or undertaken by new ownership. They sell discontinued product lines that may or may not have future support thus some of relatively cheap prices/deals on certain products. This kit is just shit they are trying to get rid of.

It was $399 not too long ago if I remember correctly, which made it a far better deal and made more sense to buy for the parts and then ditch the upper.

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Better than the brown-ness of a butthole that you bring to the table

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Look genxbeta bitch boi, we understand you hate America, unborn children, and likely white people too. And Trump is still your President.
Fucking Demokkkunts are gross. Talking about you closet boi.

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It’s a pretty thrown together parts list. Also, that upper receiver is a DPMS exclusive they had made by Noreen, and it has an EXTRA HIGH picatinny rail, which adds weight and has really no ability to coincide with a free floating rail. So no iron sights. That said, the lower is solid, the handguard is solid, and the Cerakote is pretty decent. Everything else is pretty much basic budget hardware.

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