Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistol DT045011, 45 ACP, 3 in, Matte Black Finish, Fixed Sights, 2 Rd Ported - Small, lightweight concealed carry pistol •Slim, no-snag hammerless design for easy pocket carry •Double action trigger system •MIL-STD finish resists corrosion (Titanium Models) •Features 2-round chamber & integral grips that house 2 additional rounds •Thumb latch ejects spent rounds •OAL: 5.5” •Ht.: 3.9” •Width: .665
Action: Double
Barrel Length: 3"
Caliber: 45 ACP,
Capacity: 2Rd
Finish/Color: Matte Black
Fired Casing: Fired Case
Frame/Material: Aluminum
Manufacturer Number: DT045011
Manufacturer: Double Tap
Model: Double Tap
Sights: Fixed Sights
Type of Barrel: Ported
Type: Double Action Only

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Anyone shot one of these little guys? Not a bad idea for a pocket gun, but curious how they shoot?

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nice value for what it is, a small and reliable pocket derringer.

Most people complaining about this gun are imposing unrealistic expectations. No, it is not a full capacity magazine carrying pistol. The grip does not fill up your hand like a full size. Blah, Blah, Blah.

It does however do a great job of being what it is intended to be and at the current prices is a good value.

Comfort wise, imagine shooting a Ruger LCP or similar but the difference is with a derringer style action there is no recoil reduction benefit created by the rearward motion of the slide, etc. It will be a tiny bit more snappier than a similar sized semi auto of the same caliber.

This will not be your precision shooter, most fun at the range type of tool. It will go bang however, and will serve well what I believe its intended purpose to be, serving as a last ditch defensive pistol.

Also enjoyable as a novelty conversation piece at the range. Your friends will want to shoot it and try it out.

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I still have hope they can get the 9mm version down to $199. I want one for my truck.
How can the same gun in 9mm cost double?

Why buy such a small pocket gun in 45?

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it's getting there :), non ported $233 with make an offer

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