Davidson Defense "Invader" Ar-15 Rifle DIY Kit 16" M4 Contour .223 Wylde 1:8 Twist Carbine Cryo-Treated Barrel 10" Quad Rail Free Float System Handguard

(Everything Except Lower Receiver & BCG)

This kit was engineered for light-weight top performance and incredible accuracy, it touts some of our most tried and true parts, ensuring you get a build that will last and perform to the highest standards, all at a price that is totally unrivaled.

This Kit Features a Digital Tool Forged Upper Receiver (The largest OEM manufacturer for the US Military) A USA Made XX-TREME Barrel Company "Tactical Match" 16" M4 contour .223 Wylde 1:8 twist carbine phosphate barrel, Nc/star 10" quad rail free float system handguard, a mil-spec A2 bird cage flash hider, complete Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit and a very popular black L.E. stock & Buffer Kit.

Kit Includes:

Digital Tool Forged Upper Receiver (The largest OEM manufacturer for the US Military)
XX-TREME Barrel Company"Tactical Match" 16" M4 .223 Wylde 1:8 T Carbine Phosphate (Cryo-Treated) Barrel
Nc/star Ar-15 10" Quad Rail Free Float System Handguard
Mil-Spec A2 Bird Cage Flash Hider
Tactical Superiority Lower Parts Kit (USA-Made)
Ejection Port Door Assembly
Carbine Lengath gas Tube & .750" Gas Block
Trinity Force L.E. Mil-Spec Stock & Buffer Kit

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You might as well just put a match under $200 in light it on fire. first off this company is absolute garbage and sells the cheapest crap they can possibly source. The customer service is atrocious as well, I made the mistake of purchasing from them and was sent absolute shit. Secondly, for $200 what do you think the quality level is of the parts you're going to be getting? what they are essentially doing is piecing together the absolute cheapest parts they can find and sacrificing quality. The metal is utterly inferior, the parts will fail, it's an absolute cheap piece of crap. Anybody who buys this kit is an absolute sucker

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Usually I like to give retailers a chance but I've heard too many negative things about Davidson. What tipped me off that everything in this kit is shit is the fact that they are sourcing NCStar for the handguards. They are probably blems that cost them $6 each/bulk. I would stay away from this and go with Ceretac if I was that broke and wanted to get a rifle. At least I've heard some good reviews about their products. Never heard anything good about Davidson.

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