The #FX-1 FlexForce™ Modular Hard Shell System is the ultimate high-threat level domestic disturbance, and cell extraction suit. The FlexForce™ design provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma without sacrificing the fit or comfort. The suit is lightweight and ranks highest in easy to put on or take off in a moments notice. The front and back hard shell panels have a modular flex design allowing for all shapes and sizes to fit comfortably with out sacrificing much needed mobility. The forearm guard offers a much more comfortable elbow portion of the pad, which allows more flexibility. The knee/shin guard has a non-slip surface, which keeps you planted in position.

Upper Body and Shoulder Protection

Hard shell front and back panels feature a unique Damascus® 3-panel flex design for optimum movement, fit and comfort
3mm Electrum XK8™ hard shell front and back panels
Modular front and back panels are steel riveted together with Cordura® nylon connector straps which attach by Velcro®
Shock absorbing Protium™ foam with a Polyester mesh covers the chest, back, shoulder and upper arm
Electrum XK8™ plate with shock absorbing Protium™ foam covers both top of shoulder and upper arm
Polyester mesh lines the inside of the upper body and shoulder portion which offers comfort and breathability for long term wear
Reflective Name Plate ID labels can be attached to the front panel for identification (sold separately)
Adjustable Straps fasten with durable nylon elastic and Velcro®
Forearm Protector

Two piece hard Electrum XK8™ outer shell provides flex needed by your forearm and elbow.
Shock absorbing Protium™ foam covered with 420 denier Cordura nylon
Polyester mesh lines the inside which offers comfort and breathability
Adjustable straps fasten with durable nylon elastic and Velcro


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This the Antifa starter pack?

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You should have seen the comments 3 weeks ago. They reposted to rid hate. Lmfao

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Gear of choice for any Ftard who can’t protest properly.

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MAGA protestor gear of choice

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Time to own the libs by impersonating the police

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