Equipped with a folding SB Tactical arm brace, this Scorpion Pistol wears the forend of its larger brother, the Carbine. With the same 7.7” pistol barrel, owners can unscrew the 5” KAK Flash Can and install most pistol suppressors under the handguard, keeping the overall length down. Dual threads of 18×1 and 1/2×28 make fitting a suppressor simple.

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Does anyone happen to know the inside diameter of the rail? I have an octane 45 that I'd like to use, if it fits inside.

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It'll fit an omega 9k which has a diameter of .15" more than the octane 45. Also deguns will price match iammo's price of $799.

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That's awesome, thanks for replying, I just happen to be from Lincoln and have a $400 gift card from deguns, too. Great info.

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Reviews will show you that if you're using a suppressor the Scorpion is WAY less gassy than an AR or sig MCX.
It's just a fact.

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