CZ Bren 2Ms 5.56mm 11″ Pistol

FAMILY: CZ Bren 2Ms 11″ Pistol
MODEL: CZ Bren 2Ms 5.56mm 11″ Pistol
TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
FINISH: Matte Black
STOCK/FRAME: Polymer Frame
STOCK/GRIPS: Black Stippled
SPC FEATURE: Threaded Barrel Model

WEIGHT: 5.625 lbs.
CAPACITY: 30 + 1
# OF MAGS: 2
BARREL: 11.14″

SIGHTS: Folding Front and Rear
SAFETY: Ambidextrous
ADDL INFO: Piston Driven/Adj Gas Block
ADDL INFO: Ambidextrous Controls
ADDL INFO: Rear Plate Accepts AR Tubes

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The price is only justified if you want to collect something different that is imported.

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Hmmm $1800 for what is effectively an AR pistol without a brace... weak. Should be no more than $1k

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I’d suggest a closer examination of what this is, exactly. It’s not meant to compete with the AR platform (though it does somewhat compete with the piston driven variants). It’s meant to go head to head with the SCAR 16S - which is $3200 MSRP. I’d say it does this pretty brilliantly, and with a more lightweight package. If it’s too expensive for you, so be it. But don’t downplay the technology in this firearm by comparing it with a $600 PSA or even $1200 Daniel Defense. It’s not in the same zip code, let alone ball park.

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It can fold and fire. While not a huge deal to some, an AR15 pistol doesn't exactly compare for this exact reason. An AK pistol or Sig MPX is a more fair comparison.

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Ever heard of an AR-180? Folds and fires just fine

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