CZ 999 9mm Caliber Pistol by Zastava Arms... New - $319.99 shipped

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Shipping is not free anymore - CZ 999 9mm Caliber Pistol by Zastava Arms... New
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CZ 999 Pistol, 9mm, Semi Auto by Zastava Arms
CZ 999 9mm Caliber Pistol by Zastava Arms... New

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Brutus' Description
Our CZ999 pistols are made in Serbia by the famous Zastava factory. 9mm caliber complete with two 15 rd. mags. Pistols feature HI-quality alloy frames and all machined steel slides. Fully ambidextrous slide release/decocker and magazine release. Pistols also feature chrome lined barrels, drop free mags. and three dot sights. Barrel: 4.25", Overall: 7.8", Weight: 2.05 lbs. Not available for sale in NY; CA; DC; HI; MA; Cook County, IL or where prohibited by law. Condition:

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450224377
MPN: HG3192-N
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Valid May-15-2017 - Aug-02-2017
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You can get extra mags for

You can get extra mags for CZ999 from they sell Aresenal Zastava EZ9 9MM 15RD mags for about $26.91 each. Buy way Zastava EZ9 is same handgun as CZ999 that Aresenal sold before Century Arms did and has extra mags in stock from Aresenal.

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BRD@66's picture

My search indicates that

My search indicates that extra magazines are non-existent - may be able to tweak a Beretta 92 mag to fit. Parts if something breaks???

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PSA is still showing free

PSA is still showing free shipping with $100.00+ order and both compact and fullsize in stock. They use USPS two-day where possible so Alaska is a possibility. Classic also has free shipping on these and they ship USPS Two-day as well.
Zastava is one of the oldest arms makers in the world and makes fine weapons. From all reviews I have no reason to expect the CZ999 is any different. It does resemble the Sig P226 but is not a copy. Uses fully forged/machined slide rather than stamped and folded. All controls except takedown are Ambidextrous. Barrel is Hard Chromed inside and out. Should be one tough handgun. PSA originally listed them at $280.00 with $15.00 shipping but went up to $300.00 for weekend free shipping deal. Still a good buy.

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BRD@66's picture

S'plain something to me. The

S'plain something to me. The slide release is also the decocker? - So, if the slide's back the one lever does both things but if the slide's forward and the hammer is back it is a decocker? And ambi? May be just what a lefty needs. I Googled and found: Yes to the above. I also learned that the grip is about 1" larger in diameter than my mid-size Glock. Never mind.

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Good weapon. Nice size and

Good weapon. Nice size and weight. Relatively low recoil. Very accurate. Unfortunately, I've suffered a few FTE's. Have tried deep clean, polishing feedramp and other items but still sporadic failures. I've got close to 200 rounds thru it now, so hoping it'll settle down after a few more.

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tried to charge me for

tried to charge me for shipping. $319.99 plus $15+ for shipping i must be doing something wrong?

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If my dealings with these

If my dealings with these folks can be used as a guide, what you are doing wrong, txkfootdoc, is buying from Classic.

Hint: Any time a business ballyhoos what it claims to be its Christian foundation, you would do well to stay the hell away. It is not politics, but rather religion that is the last refuge of scoundrels.

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Does this have a high-gloss

Does this have a high-gloss finish on it?

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Nice to see how the old Yugo

Nice to see how the old Yugo factories split after Yugoslavia collapse.

Croatians make an upscale Springfield XDM pistol and Serbs offer clones of CZ and Tokarev.

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This is my fourth Mosin, and

This is my fourth Mosin, and second carbine. I bought my first one, a Remington 91/30, matching, for $60, almost 20 yrs ago. My second one was $80. I had a M44 for $120. I found this one, a Russian 1891/59 in a pawn shop this year. All matching, refurbished, and so smooth that I almost hurt myself buying it for $300. Research indicated that it was a presentation piece, with polished brass on the furniture. I have put so far 200 rounds through her. Accurate and fun to shoot. It really got attention at the indoor range. Had these ladies giving me the dirty eye from the other side. It was like a cannon or air escaping into a black hole. Muzzle flash to read a book by. Of course, you MUST clean it immediately due to the corrosive salts in the primer. I strip it, boil two gallons of hot soapy water, pour it down the breech and all over then do the regular cleaning of it. Never a prob. She didn't come packed in cosmo, and the stock had a new shellac and not all dinged up. My wife even thinks it's purty. I buy ammo in bulk, so it's about .25 cents a round for silver tips in a spam can. can't wait to take to a hundred yard range. We have one, but they only allow one round at a time, and it's no fun. This rifle will last generations, and are almost unbreakable. Be aware though, that it will fire and discharge if dropped on the butt with a loaded round. Enjoy it and take it shooting often. I do.

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I think you might've posted

I think you might've posted in the wrong window :)

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I've always had good

I've always had good experiences with classic... they raised their prices a bit but I don't believe they were gouging, their costs when up as well.

Ordered a 1911 and an M44 from them, very happy with both.

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1 vote

Wow, seems like a damn good

Wow, seems like a damn good deal.. can anybody give me any input/experience with these? Looks like a Sig, so that's a plus.

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Exellent gun, you wont regret

Exellent gun, you wont regret buying it. I've put close to 5K rounds and never had any issues, I dont remember ever having any issues.
The only thing that sucks is there is no aftermarket accesories for it like night sights and grips.

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Old style lower receiver

Old style lower receiver without rails... with a good local gun smith, they still might be able to measure the rear sight milled slot, to fit an updated night sight rear; or even a laser aim rear sight. I have an FEG-P9R which I had upgraded like that. Way cool to shoot. Nice solid steel weapon. Have fun!

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I want one, but $41 shipping?

I want one, but $41 shipping?

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you must be living in Alaska

you must be living in Alaska or Hawaii, as shipping is only $15 for me

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Correct. Alaska. It is a

Correct. Alaska. It is a shame more companies don't use flat rate boxes. Dude, that is a nice looking and well made looking, gun. I've have to see if I can put Alaska in my name, were people understand my post better.

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I think by law they have to

I think by law they have to use next day or two day shipping on handguns. That would stop them from using flat rate boxes.

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1 vote

FFLs can, but requires papers

FFLs can, but requires papers @ post office, which takes time but doesnt generate revenue...

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