Precision rimfire rifle competitions have been gaining steam in the last few years and CZ rifles have been go-to equipment for the sport. Expanding on our premium offerings, the Varmint Precision Chassis pairs our heavy-barreled 457 action with an aluminum chassis of our own design. Equipped with an adjustable Luth-AR stock, an AR-style grip, QD sling sockets and a dearth of M-LOK slots, proper fit and customization are easy to accomplish.If we were to pick one thing that our previous rimfire platforms were lacking, it was an American-style push-to-fire safety — something Hunter’s Education instructors and 4-H shooting coaches have begged us to incorporate for years. Though that was the most obvious change, we also took the opportunity to tweak a load of small things at the same time. In addition to the receiver-mounted, push-to-fire safety, we chopped almost an inch of length from the action and slab-sided it to reduce its footprint and weight.To make scope fitment easier, we ditched the 90° bolt rotation in favor of 60°, allowing for larger ocular bell diameters with lower ring heights. To top it all off, the 457 now features a trigger adjustable for weight, creep and over-travel.With the exact same swappable barrel system as the 455 and the same reliable polymer magazine system, the 457 is without a doubt the best rimfire platform we’ve ever fielded.CZ 457 Varmint Precision Chassis, 24" Suppressor-ReadySKU 02361Firearm Type RiflePurpose CompetitionMSRP $999.00Chambering 22 LRRate Of Twist 1:16 inMagazine Capacity 5Magazine Type DetachableStock Aluminum ChassisSights No Sights, Integral 11mm DovetailBarrel Heavy Tapered Cold Hammer ForgedBarrel Length 24 inWeight 7.65 lbsTrigger Mech Fully AdjustableSafety Two-Position, Push-To-Fire
UPC#: 806703023618

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If you have competed in a NRL22 match then you would know dropping a grand on a 22 is just a beginning.

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I can see spending $900 for a 1000 yard rifle, but spending that much on a wimpy .22 LR seems like a total waste.

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This price is higher than most of the other sellers. I'd sure like to have this, but it'd be hard to lay out that much for a 22lr when my 452 already shoots so well.

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