Our solid, reliable m16 bolt carrier group with an enhanced low friction high durability coating.  This is just what you need to make your ar15 build your own. Select your coating and caliber.  
Available colors:
- Oilslick Rainbow / Chameleon
- Titanium Nitride / Gold
- Copper / Bronze
- Graphite
- Blue
- Rose Gold
- AlTiN - Violet/Black
BCG Features:
- 8620 m16 Carrier
- 9310 bolt, MPI Tested, Nitrided
- staked gas key, enhanced extractor spring
- quality and guaranteed performance
Choose your caliber

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What coating is it? Any warranty/guarantee?

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Just buying it for the carrier buy a better catch and u have a better group

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Expensive colors!

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Only because of the materials, I agree.

But I'd pay this in a heartbeat for a FailZero with better quality steel. Everyone is getting spoiled on these $50 BCGs when sometimes that's not the most appropriate option.

That said, I have one of those uber cheap BCGs myself from Brownell's and it seems alright for the rifle it's in.

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