Credit Card Folding Safety Knife (Black) - $2.24 + Free Shipping

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A light and sharp utility knife, the same size as a credit card. Slimmer and lighter than an ordinary knife. The stainless steel blade ensures longer lasting rust free sharpness and the super-light polypropylene body includes a built-in protective sheath that helps prevent injury or blunting.

Conveniently folds to the size of a credit card to fit in your wallet, pocket or bag
Sharp stainless blade w/plastic body
Blade edge is protected when stored
Knife is ultra thin and lightweight

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I have one of these. The

I have one of these. The cheap price and general curiosity got the best of me. In my opinion they are stupid and I really have little found little to no use for it. Takes forever to open and they don't really snap together very well. Might be nice to have if you need a knife to open something or cut a rope randomly since you can put it in your wallet and forget about it.... However, I wonder how many people tuck them away in a wallet and forget about them until they are passing through airport security and security remembers it for them?

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I have one. Don't expect to

I have one. Don't expect to use it as an EDC but it is a solid and useful backup knife. Very sharp, but don't expect the blade to last long.

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I just recommend not using a

I just recommend not using a lot of force with it. I can picture the blade snapping off at the plastic welds and slicing you up.

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I ordered 4 of these what's

I ordered 4 of these what's the worst case scenario I am out a few bucks who cares
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smoney's picture

Mine arrived last week for

Mine arrived last week for less than 3 bucks. It's mostly a novelty item/ last option type of blade. Those complaining about it are sort of idiots in my opinion. If you want a real, useful, inexpensive knife, go spend $12 on a Kershaw half-ton. If you want a last ditch something sharp that can fit in your wallet, buy this.

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It's an AOW! Don't forget

It's an AOW! Don't forget your tax stamp!


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This credit card knife is a

This credit card knife is a poor imitation of Ian Sinclairs Cardsharp. The Cardsharp goes for a lot more money.

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One of the pictures shows the

One of the pictures shows the Ian Sinclair name on this one. Also... if you actually read the reviews on Amazon, there are half a dozen reviews stating that they received the actual Ian Sinclair CardSharp2.

The CardSharp2 is being sold on for the equivalent of $8 US, so I don't think this is completely unbelievable. Do you actually do any research before steering people away from a decent deal?

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I remember when Sinclair's

I remember when Sinclair's came out and they wanted $30 for it. Much more inclined to give it a try at this price point.

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Update: Received 3 of these

Update: Received 3 of these on a relatively fast boat from China... 2 weeks. Definitely an emergency, last-resort type blade.

- Under $2.00
- Size of a credit card and about 1.5 times as thick for easy wallet carry
- Cool novelty item
- Sharpens to a half decent edge as displayed when it sunk a 1/4 inch into my finger while sharpening the one I gave to my nephew

- No legitimate cons for under two bucks but...
- Once folded open... it never really returns to truly flat
- Plastic is likely good for around 20 or 30 folding/unfolding cycles before I'll wager it is going to crack along a seam
- Thin plastic does not make for a study handle
- Dull as hell out of the box
- You will probably forget you have it in your wallet and get it confiscated by TSA when you fly somewhere

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I'd like to see one that's

I'd like to see one that's carbon fiber instead of stainless steel.

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