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Upper has now went up to 209 so price for complete rifle is now 339

Good price and fast shipping

Thanks OP. In 4 1.

We’re getting so damn close to a $300 dollar AR.

It’s on gun deals. Bear creek $299.

If you wanna put together the lower yourself, this same deal can be had for about $310/shipped! At that price, I just don't know how they do it and still manage to make a decent profit after shipping fees... I would trust this before I would trust ANYTHING from Radical, Del-Ton, etc.

Whats wrong with Radical? I have two of their rifles and they are great. I did have a warranty issue after a 1000 rounds / 2 years of use; my repaired upper was in hand *4 days* after me shipping it to them. They provided a next day air label (postage paid) to them and shipped back the same way. My barrel nut broke when I was changing muzzle brakes. Radical could have easily said it was my fault however they replaced the barrel, barrel nut, gas block, and gas tube.

How did your barrel nut break when you were changing your muzzle brake? Did you have it locked into a vise on the barrel nut while torquing on the muzzle brake?

I honestly do not know. I had the lower in a vise block and started to remove the brake (barrel was not vised but I've changed dozens of brakes without incident). Started to turn the muzzle brake with light force then I realized the entire barrel was rotating after about 3/4 of a turn. Needless to say the gas tube was corkscrewed around the barrel at that point. I did not take the free float guard off to investigate exactly what happened as I figured the less it looked like I was "altering" the firearm the better. Told Radical exactly what I did and instead of pointing fingers they fixed everything in record time. They said the barrel nut broke however in retrospect I guess it is also possible the barrel indexing notch was broken off or stripped but they replaced everything either way.

A Geissele Automatics AR-15 Reaction Rod or a Magpul BEV Block would have prevented this. If you do a lot of builds the BEV block is very affordable and worth it.

Good to know, thank you!

Good to hear that they stand behind their products. A rare thing these days.,

How do the radical uppers handle steel case ammo?

Not before Delton. Delton makes accurate rifles. At the same price I would go Delton no question. Not that psa is bad Delton is good.

My time/hassle for assebling a lower is worth the $20 for it to be complete

On top of that, I was thinking of buying a stripped lower locally to avoid the FFL transfer charge. Fit and finish could become an issue though.

it links to a blem upper. not full rifle.

Yes the complete lower is the difference. You have to order the Lower separately and it goes through the ffl. The upper ships to your house.

Great deal.

So far I have had good luck with PSA. I order stuff and it shows up and the product looks good. I do wish the free shipping was moved around to different products.

Can anyone tell me if this is customizable?

Are AR-15'S customizable? Seriously?
Anything can be customized. That being said I personally would by an upper with MLOC compatibility....... but obviously you haven't done any research so you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Tis better to be kind, always assume the + & be helpful. He who is most Christ-like wins in our probationary life on earth. This is true friend. Peace through strength & Liberty by Divine Rights!

You had the opportunity to answer a legit question and you decided to be a cunt instead. Good job McDougall.

I was being honest. Is there any firearm....or anything made by any manufacturer that can't be customised? So no, it wasn't a legitimate question.
I even suggested an option that would aid him if he wanted a custom rifle.
How exactly did your comment help him or anyone? Your comment was the definition of hypocrisy.

agreeed. but someone that doesn't know that shouldn't be even looking at guns then. so i agree and disagree

Yes because everyone who starts dabbling in firearms already knows everything and if they do not, they should learn to knit instead? You LEARN as you go.

BTW, bashing potential future allies before they even get started is pretty fucking antigun.

No one said anything about expecting someone to know everything. Purchasing a firearm should be taken seriously and people should do a little research. And the last thing you want someone to do is purchase a firearm and "learn as you go" with zero training, and no BASIC knowledge of their firearm. You guys crack me up. It's idiots who screw up everything for people who actually have common sense.

You use the term common sense. I do not think it means what you think it means.
A person who is not disqualified from owning a gun, may wish to buy an AR. He just may also think that in the future, he could possibly want to try and see if he can change the configuration of said AT around. Both to learn, and to upgrade. And yet you come across as judgemental, because basically you have knowledge and the new guy does not, so he is somehow inferior and should not be allowed to buy a gun. Perhaps you did not realize how you came across, but from the comments you have gotten, I think that it is safe to say that you were improper to judge legitimate question as being beneath your dignity. You might have been better off by leaving out your sarcasm. Because the others here are right. You were too harsh on this guy. And you certainly don't have the authority to decide whether or not anyone should be able to buy a gun. It is kind of a thing we as a gun community are trying to fight against.

No kidding. This is a "not welcome doormat" to the community. I guess there's douchebags everywhere.

We need to welcome anyone to shooting. Don’t be an ass because they ask a question.

Still being a douche. Aren't there enough self righteous anti gun idiots without us enthusiasts bashing on beginners? This is the most basic AR platform so it's a good starting place for someone to practice assembly and safety and feeling comfortable around a firearm.

im the total opposite of annti gu lol i got enough for to take out a small army

I think he's asking if the order is customizable with drop down menus and all that. The answer is still no, but it's a good question

Possibly, but simply accessing the link could have answered that. As for customization, PSA is more than willing to let you add accessories to your order. Sights, scopes, magazines, slings.....etc.

Is this a good rifle for when the shit goes down?
Will this rifle reliable enough to keep me alive for a while?

Yes it is. Don't listen to the PSA bashers. I've bought several of there lowers,uppers, etc. They all work great.

Shit goes down in my house every day, I might buy one just in case the shit hits the fan. LOL

haha best thing ive read in a while lol

Yes, although if budget is an issue, well.. no one argues with a 12ga in and around your home.

Maverick 88's can be had for less than 200.

but ya this is a good deal on a AR15, can't go wrong.

Way better than a pointy stick.

Haaaaaa! Thanks for the laugh.

A rifle without sights is not "complete" in my book.

amazon or this app even the wish app u cam get flip up sights front and rear for 15$ tops if you look

Use point of aim with both eyes open, practice and you’ll be surprised how well you’ll shoot once you get used to it without having to rely on sights.

You be deadly accurate up to 12 or even 13 feet

You be deadly accurate up to 12 or even 13 feet

Bet I could would be good out to 25.........

I have many ars that vary in price. Most expensive one is a custom Wilson combat I built. I still bought this bc the price is amazing. They will only go up up up especially as we get close to the next election. I’m not going to want to pay double in 2 years from now so I bought 1 of them now. Apart to plan ahead. Buy one you can’t really go wrong and it’s not a hybrid piece of crap

Quick and easy way to get into an AR15 game. Free shipping always helps.

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