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Blue Pocket Pro II
Color: Blue
Style: Timer

Packed With Upgrades For Ease Of Use & More Versatility
You’ll vastly improve your shooting speed, and ultimately your match scores,with this new generation of shot timer that’s easily configured for the information you need to know when practicing your shooting. Main screen allows you to set-up the timer to display only the information you want to see. Review four shots at once with shot numbers, times, and splits with the high resolution digital LED screen. Keep track of your shot time with shot number, split and start delay type. You can also adjust shot sensitivity via the display menu and shot dead time to eliminate echoes while shooting. Onboard date/time display allows you to keep complete records as you chart your progress, and internal memory stores up to 100 shots. Long battery life keeps you shooting longer without the aggravation of dead batteries in the middle of your practice session. Sleek, rounded corners won’t snag on clothing. Available in Blue or Gray.

MPN#: CEI4700

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Smarter to buy an electronic item at Brownell’s = Lifetime returns plus no socislist billionaire at the helm.

—Says the guy who just placed a $200 order through Amazon (Ha!)

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Everytime I come on gun deals I find something else I need. Ahhhhhh I wish I a trust fund I could dip into.

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I spend 90% of my training in a indoor gun range. Would this be a waste of money for me?

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No not at all. I'm planning on buying one of these soon and I mostly shoot indoors. This tool will help you for competition practice and also defensive training. It will help cause soon as that buzzer goes off you know your being timed and your going to want to get your time down as much as possible. Being timed also kinda mimics stress so it will also help you learn while in that state of being in a rush. Plus you can also use it at home while dry firing and practicing on your draw. It will help big time if you put in the work.

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