Market is oversaturated with cheap AR parts and we all forgot how was hard to get a good BCG at 2008. So I understand it might not look as a deal.

This one is cheap but seems to be built right.

Purchased one for a backup I did not shot it yet.

Headspaced it with my 223/5.56 pistol barrel and it has passed (.223-nogo - did not lock, 5.56-nogo -did not lock, 223/5.56 go - locked).

No machining marks, good finish. Visually almost perfect product. Surprisingly for this price.

Unlike other retailers - no tax, no shipping. You pay what you see.

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I ordered this BCG and an upper from Combat Armory. Shipping was very fast. Upper looks good, but the BCG doesn't t fit in the upper or any of my other uppers. The carrier must be out of spec. I have contacted the seller and will update on any resolution.
(Update1) Company replied to my email in less than 12 hours. Said they're sending a replacement.
(Update2) Received a new BCG in 5 days. New one is working flawlessly. I would recommend.

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