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Rapid response, maneuverability, and enhanced firepower play a major part in joint and coalition operations in modern warfare. Colt’s M4 Commando carbines epitomize modern warfare’s emphasis on “Get In and Get Out”. They were designed to exploit firepower capability in confined spaces where lightweight mobility, speed and violence of action rule.
The Commando can be comfortably carried with its 11.5” barrel, yet be instantly available to provide the type of firepower required to outmatch combatants. Because it provides full 5.56mm power and accuracy in a very compact sub-machine gun size weapon, the Commando is often chosen over smaller less powerful sub-machine guns.
Regardless of the application, the Colt M4 Commando provides the superior qualities that will enable operators to accomplish an increasingly wide range of combat missions.
- CALIBER: 5.56x45 NATO (.223 Rem.)
- WEIGHT: 6.21 lbs (2.81 kg)
- OVERALL LENGTH (STOCK RETRACTED): 27.5 in. (66.9 cm)
- OVERALL LENGTH (STOCK EXTENDED): 30.75 in. (78.1 cm)
- BARREL LENGTH: 11.5 in. (29.21 cm)
LE6933 M4 Commando 11.5" Semi Automatic
LE6933-EPR M4 Commando EPR Enhanced Patrol Rifle 11.5"
LE6945CQB M4 CQB Monolithic 10.3"
LE6943 M4 Commando Monolithic 11.5"
R0933 M4 Commando 11.5" Full Auto
R0933-EPR M4 Commando EPR Enhanced Patrol Rifle 11.5"
LE6946CQB M4 CQB Monolithic 10.3"
UPC#: 098289020192

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As some are aware here but other's astoundingly are not.....Agency Sales ONLY!!

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It's kind of retarded that the main difference between a $1000 gun and a $20,000 gun is owning a badge. Thanks LBJ and Regan.

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0 votes

Yep, that's a machine gun. I wish it were transferable!!

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1 vote

It is a a machine gun it is a short barrel rifle. It is transferable.

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No way it's civilian full auto for $1k. SBR sure, but you're not breaking into machine gun territory at that price.

2 votes
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Not full auto, not a machine gun.

It is an SBR.

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Check Botach Tactical's Yelp page. It does not inspire confidence.

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"Colt's Law Enforcement Carbine is available with a step-cut barrel that allows it to accept a grenade launcher for non-lethal options."
Well, that's not quite correct is it...

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3 votes

I wish this photo were true if you look close there is a third hole (sear hole) right above the semi function on the lower we all know how fun full auto is. Only if it were legal.

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Excellent price considering many places are selling the 6933 upper by itself for more.

Don't forget to add $200 for the stamp and any transfer costs.

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