New in Box Colt LE6920 5.56mm. Guns come in factrory box with all the factory papperwork. Comes with on 30rd Pmag. Take advantage of our 12-month in-house financing! No credit checks! No Sales to California, New York City, Washington D.C, you must be 18 years of age to purchase. Thanks for visiting Kings!

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$200 over suggested pricing! Price gouging at its finest...SMH

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1200? hahaha. that's cute.

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Ahhhhhh, no! Its $1300 - $0.01. Which makes it even cuter. What a P.O.S. deal to see in here. Price gouging of an overpriced product.

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I would tell the retailers that still have Colt AR-15 To stick em where the sun does not shine. Colt sold out the American people and caved into the Anti- Guns pocket.

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Colt didn't cave. Colt simply found it unprofitable to continue producing AR15 rifles for civilians when they had gross surplus in inventory that was NOT selling. If you think Colt should continue producing them, then what sense does it make to complain about the price? Just buy the damn thing to give Colt incentive to resume production. That is the EXACT reason they suspended production, because people bitched about the price.

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Correct, they didnt cave to the anti 2A schmucks. They caved to the reality of selling an overpriced platform that hasn't changed in decades. If you are a Colt collector, then you might have a legitimate reason to own one. Otherwise their nothing special.

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You mean “they’re.”

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I don't usually call out names, but it's a shame on Kings Firearms. $1,300 for an LE6920 is ridiculous.

Colt "suspended" civilian sales because whoever wants one already has it. When the money is right, Colt will just simply "resume" it.

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Shame Indeed. I will not support companies that try to gouge the market.

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