The CMMG Resolute 200 MK3 Rifle is engineered with purpose for those who refuse to compromise on quality. Each Resolute rifle comes with a 16-inch barrel and is designed for balance, accuracy and maneuverability. Whether you’re defending your family or looking to bring out your best at the range, the Resolute keeps going when you need it most.
MPN#: 229968
UPC#: 816422023660

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I have a Sig 716i. Love that gun.

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Close to price of SIG 716i, any comments about the two?

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Have had both and while there are a lot of sig fanboys that will tell you differently Cmmg makes a superior firearm. The sigs I have owned have been hit or miss , some are great and some plagued with issues. I still own 3 Cmmg rifles/pistols.

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