CMMG 22 Lr Ar Complete Conversion Kit Bravo
Includes 1 Mag

Pick Your Mag Size Below

If You Are In A State That Has Restrictions
We Will Not Send MAG If Ordered Wrong Or Size
That State Allows So Choose Correct One Please

When We Got This Deal It Took One Year Negotiations With CMMG
To Get This .22 Lr Conversion Kit For Our Customers At An All Time Low Price
So Buy Now Where This Is A One Time Deal
48 Hours Only !!

Just swap this drop in conversion with the bolt carrier group from your 5.56/.223 chambered rifle and you will be ready to shoot .22LR. Ships with 25rd 22LR magazine. For best performance use a round style hammer as notched hammers can cause function issues and 36 grain plated nose bullets (The Cheap Stuff) have proven to be the best choice for function. Patterned after the famous Ceiner Conversion.

No Other .22 Kit Ever Worked So Well or .22 Lr Semi Auto Rifle for that matter.
Where this conversion works better than my old Ruger 10-22 even 22 Lr Ammo goes off much better from the harder firing pin strike. So that ammo that you had to cock the .22 a few times to go off this conversion will shoot.
We can't say enough how well this kit works
It does take a few rounds to break in but after the first few mags you can expect one of the most reliable .22 rifles you have ever owned. It really is that good !!

One of the other things that makes this kit so wonderful is it Works With All .22 Ar Mags there is a standard magazine for the .22 Ar's and this kit uses that mag mags made by Blackdog, CMMG, Sig Sauer,Chiappa,Promag,Stag, And Many More Uses All Ceiner Style
(It does not work with S&W, Walther Style,Colt Mags Those Are Proprietary To Those Guns)

You can buy These mags for as little As $4.99 Online
So finding cheap mags will never be a problem and even the cheap mags seem to work good the black dog mags seem to work best and are avail on there website direct for cheap.


1X CMMG Deluxe Model Bravo .22 Conversion Unit w/ Stainless Steel Bolt
1x CMMG Magazine 25 Rnd
1x Instructions

NOTE: We will NOT be able to ship with the magazine to any state, city or county that has magazine restrictions on capacity. This is not negotiable. If you order and live in the District of Columbia , California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, you will get the conversion unit WITHOUT the magazine!

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Thanks, guys for posting the feedback on their backorder, shipping delay, bullshit. Call me spoiled but I don't tolerate it when companies are willing to take your money and then put you on the back burner. I went to order body armor from Spartan, love the aesthetics of their stuff until I seen down in the bottom in small point that they have a 2 week lead time before they ship. I wrote an email to see if maybe this was some ass-covering policy for the holidays but no, the consistently have a 2 week lead time. He gave me a lame excuse why but what it comes down to is squeezing pennies of profit out of making sure they have absolutely no overstock. If a company is willing to make a customer wait for that reason, who knows what kind of corners they'll cut for a profit. PSA is the same way. I ordered from them once and it took a week to ship the item. When I asked them about it they basically told me "tough shit". Do they think I can't spend my money elsewhere or something?

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0 votes

Glad I read the comments. I was getting ready to give these guys another shot. I see they still have horrible shipping practices, wait times, and zero communication.

1 vote
0 votes

Ordered 6 days ago, no word from them. Seems to be the norm for them. I'd cancel but my luck is they'd ship as soon as I bought from someone else.

1 vote
1 vote

Very sorry for the delay, all the 25 round mag or no mag orders will be shipping today. 10 round mag orders go out Friday. Feel free to reach out anytime to us at for updates or to make any changes to your order. Thank you!

3 votes
0 votes

I ordered this as a gift and turned out the person I bought it for snagged one the same day. I called and they cancelled my order without issue. Extremely nice and professional. So I would definitely recommend based on my experience.

4 votes
0 votes

Careful ordering from these guys. Two orders and both missing items. Ordered 3 mil spec buffer tube kits and received one??? Left a few voicemails and now waiting. Been a week.

0 votes
2 votes

We try to get to all of our tickets within 3 days, (most if not all are same day) Not sure why your voicemails are not getting taken care of. Please email or

2 votes
0 votes
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