Holy mackerel. Call the men in the white coats. Chuck, our Warehouse Manager, has gone full send....pressing the proverbial inventory nuke button. There is no rhyme nor reason to this list of deals. It's based solely on the whims of one man - a tired and slightly crazed-looking man who's worked OT non-stop shipping packages these past few months, leading the fulfillment crew to the end of 2020 like a veritable Washington crossing the Delaware (only less hair and more teeth). Last Sunday, after eating a sushi platter from a gas station and downing 4 Red Bulls, Chuck hopped on the forklift - the soothing sound of Metallica's finest blasting in his eardrums - and brought down from the shelves 150+ items including hoslters, knives, air guns, chokes, calls, lighters, and random trinkets and trash. Overstocks, closeouts, clearance....and a bunch of stuff I wouldn't sell this cheap (but I won't argue with a madman). The next day as he strode toward my office like a lion at the Roman coliseum on "Punish the Blind Beggars Night," I nearly soiled my shorts when he reached out to hand me the list and growled "Oh, sell yeah."

Yet the guy must be some kind of mad genius because the list is full of gems….if you can wade through the random stuff. An A-to-Z variety road show chock full o' discounts: name-brand boxes, boutique nano-gems, bangers left and right from shirts and caps to holsters and cigar accessories. Their only sin....inventory inflexibility. A numbers game at the end of the day, whether overly heavy on quantity or running too thin to warrant its own bin location. Bottom line is that our loss is your gain, and there are GAINS to be had, lads. Only thing is, these bargains won't last so go nuts. Chuck sure did.

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