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Mfg. Item #:RI2087
Condition:Factory New
Barrel Length:16.25"
Overall Length:36.25"
Weight:7.7 lbs
Made in the same factory the produced top quality rifles for former Yugoslavia like the M70B1 and M70AB2, this manufactured N-PAP rifles are the civilian version of the M70 series. These beauties are the latest imports from the world famous Zastava factory. Century is proud to now offer 6 styles of the N-PAP rifles. Features an accessory rail built into the receiver for easy mounting of your favorite accessories and a hammer forged barrel. Comes with two 30 rd. mags. Barrel: 16.25" with a 1:10 twist, Overall: 36.25", Weight: 7.7 lbs. Not available for sale in NJ, MA, CA, CT, HI or where prohibited by law.

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Very nice rifle, fit, form and function. AK rifles of this level of quality, for this money, are far and few between. My only complaint is with the vendor I purchased it from - Atlantic Firearms. I chose them specifically because they advertised that they QC inspect each rifle. Well, mine arrived at the FFL with a significant gouge out of the metal on the front sight assembly. Also, the bolt hold open was not used to lock the bolt and so the chamber flag was broken off inside the barrel. There was absolutely no damage to either box. So, I am confident it wasn't shipping damage. Definitely recommend the rifle, just not through Atlantic.

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I really considered the PAP's but not having a chrome lined barrel killed it for me. If this had one it would be the best deal on the market for AK's. Ultimately went with the converted Saiga from Classic. The PAP's are still a good choice though.

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To each their own but if you don't shoot corrosive, which in 7.62x39 there's no reason to, it's a non-issue. These barrels are cold hammer forged & with even minimal maintenance your grand kids will still be shooting this rifle. The Saiga is a fine choice, but the non-chrome lines barrel is absolutely no reason not to buy one of these rifles.

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Wow... so all those people who paid $538 shipped two months ago for an opap from got a good deal

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The O-PAP s are supposedly gone or fading fast definitely not under $500 again glad I got mine last week thing is awesome
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Where the heck are the O-PAPS for $550??

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Out of stock

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The worst thing about living behind the lines in Commiefornia is you can only buy if the company offers a bullet button and even if they do the company ends up keeping any mags that are over 10 rounds. POS like Feinstein and Pelosi have set out to rape the rights of law abiding citizens. Think when you vote folks!

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That rifle in your link still doesn't bullet button. -____-

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