Chiappa M9-22 .22 LR 5" barrel 10 Rnds - $282 + tax at your local dealer

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The Chiappa M9-22PSTBLKGR M9-22 Pistol in .22 LR features a 5-inch threaded barrel, black finish, black Chiappalloy frame, black plastic grips, front fixed sight, rear windage adjustable sight, .5-28 threaded barrel, double action trigger, an overall length of 8.5 inches, an unloaded weight of 36.8 oz, and a 10+1 round capacity.
BRAND: Chiappa Firearms Ltd
MODEL: M9-22
TYPE: Semi-Automatic Pistol
ACTION: Double Action
STOCK: Black Plastic Grip
# OF MAGS: 2
SAFETY: Manual Safety
SIGHTS: Front: Fixed Rear: Windage Adjustable
WEIGHT: 36.8 oz
FEATURES: .5-28 Threaded Barrel
RECEIVER: Black Chiappalloy

Item # M9-22PSTBLKGR

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 22 LR
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If you're a tinkerer... the

If you're a tinkerer... the gun can be very rewarding. I'd put thousands of rounds through one, but I did have to fiddle with it quite a bit (feeding, bulging cases). When it's running well it mimics everything about the M9 except the recoil, and was an extremely easy and accurate gun to shoot.

That said, it IS strictly a cheaply-made recreational gun. Don't expect rock-solid reliability or longevity, and even if you're inclined to use .22 for self-defense, go with something comparable to Ruger or Walther... or even Bersa.

But for a fun gun, if you can get it cheaply... there's much to commend it.

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Update, I contacted the

Update, I contacted the factory today to inquire about turnaround time for repairs. They stated that my original M9 had a problem during manufacturing and when the next productions come in they would ship me a brand new gun. When I get the new M9-22 I will let everyone know how there new production model is working.

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Let me give you my full

Let me give you my full review of this firearm. When I first got the Chiappa M9 I noticed when I racked the slide it wouldn't go back forward on its own. I took the slide off the gun and cleaned everything I could, the gun was real dirty. Once I cleaned the slide and oiled the gun and barrel the slide worked much better. I took the M9 out back and loaded 5 rounds and shot at a can at about 25 feet, I hit the can 5 out of 5 times and started loving the gun. The slide didn't lock back after the last round was shot, I noticed the hold open lever was not against the side of the frame. I pushed the lever back in place and shot one round, the hold open worked that time. I loaded the mag with another 5 rounds and shot the same can, again hit the can 5 out of 5 times. Again the hold open did not work! I pushed the hold open lever back against the frame of the gun and did a single shot and the hold open worked again. At that time I noticed there was 2 deep scraps on either side of the gun barrel, I took the gun back in the house and place more oil on the barrel. I made sure I over oiled the barrel and hate scrapes on any of my firearms. I took the gun back outside and put 10 rounds in the mag, I shot the can again but this time rapid fire. Again the hold open didn't work on the last round shot. That is when I noticed the paint was GONE from the barrel in the same 2 places the scraped started. The barrel steel was bright and this is when I got pissed. I took the gun back in the house and took the slide back off and was looking for the reason for the scrapes, I couldn't find any sharp points on the slide and then called the factory for help. Chiappa told me that they only had one M9-22 back for repair, they also said that the only reports that came from other users have been all positive. I told the factory that I had 2 big issues with the gun so far, one was the last round hold open not working correctly, the other was the paint being scrapped off the barrel! I forgot to say anything to Chiappa about the front of the barrel still having tool marks on the nose of the barrel. They are deep and very noticeable, that little problem I can live with but thought I would see how Chiappa stands on quality. If the tool marks are buffed out and the barrel is re-painted I will then think Chiappa has a good quality department, if I get the M9 back and the tool marks are still in the barrel I will then know they only fix complaints and not take the extra step for customer satisfaction. I didn't have any FTF or FTE out of 23 rounds, the gun looks cool but it just feels cheap. It reminds me of something China would make. If you find one in a gun shop or at a gun show, pick it up, rack the slide, you will then know what I'm talking about.
Some of you are wondering about the threaded barrel, if you read information on the net about this firearm you will see they all say that all models have threaded barrels. This is not true, only the tactical model has this option. Guys, have nothing against Chiappa, maybe I got the only firearm that has those issues but I don't think this is the case. I want to love this gun when I get it back, it is the coolest looking 22lr I've ever owned and think it will help with training with my 92fs. The other thing I want to stress is I know 22lr auto loading firearms can have feed issues and I expect this, this firearm didn't have any auto loading problems out of 23 rounds. I will keep all of you informed of how this firearm works when I get it back, I hope I have good news for everyone but I just have a feeling this won't be the case. Look at the top photo in guns America review (first one on there review), you will see that there test M9 has the paint missing just behind the front sight post. There gun has steel showing too, mine looked worse then there's with only 23 rounds shot. You can click on the photo and make it full screan and see how bad there gun looks, I hate scraps on my guns. Just about any photo on the Internet that shows this firearm that has been shot will have those marks. Anytime you have steel on steel that is destroy its self is not a good thing, I just hope Chiappa can get this problem fixed. Like I said, I want to love this gun but with the issues they have I just can't yet.
One of my most enjoyable firearms is the Sig Mosquito, I have over 1200 rounds shot in this gun and it has never had a single issue. I have seen other reports that older models of this gun would jam once a mag, Sig got the Mosquito working perfectly but it took some time. Maybe waiting until Chiappa gets the bugs worked out of there M9 would be a better idea for anyone wanting to buy this gun. If Sig, GSG, or other manufactures would take on this design I would be a little more positive about design changes that could make M9 22lr a working and viable training tool.

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Thanks for sharing this with

Thanks for sharing this with us. I was really excited about this gun, but now that I read you input, I think I will wait until I can handle and shoot one before purchase. I have compared the GSG 1911 to Chiappa 1911 and I must admit that the Chiappa 1911 looks like it was made in 19th century compared to GSG.

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I wish GSG would run with the

I wish GSG would run with the M9-22lr and make one that works!

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AMEN!!! thats exactly what I

AMEN!!! thats exactly what I was thinking, I'd rather have a quality gun than this P.O.S.

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Well I faced a similar

Well I faced a similar decision last month between the M9-22, SR22, Walther P22 and M&P22. My recommendation goes to S&W M&P 22 Pistol. Just like the SR-22, S&W shoots great with cheap bulk ammo and it comes standard with threaded barrel and it is slightly bigger than the SR22. The M9-22s were non existent last month so I can't comment on that one.

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If this is anything like

If this is anything like their 22 AR upper I would stay far away from anything Chippa mine jams every other round but I really can only atest to the AR 22 upper. Hopefully the pistols are better. If you want reliability and Tactical go with a Ruger SR-22. I have got 1000 rounds in mine now and no issues. I wish I could say that for my Walther P22.

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I think it is worse then

I think it is worse then there ar15-22 upper! This gun is junk!

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Yea, but the SR-22 doesn'r

Yea, but the SR-22 doesn'r have a threaded barrel, got to have one for the can

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

Yes, Ruger is coming out with

Yes, Ruger is coming out with a threaded barrel, but nothing yet.

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Hopefully they deliver on it,

Hopefully they deliver on it, Keltec has promised one on the PMR for a while now with no results

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Do all of the Chiappa M9s

Do all of the Chiappa M9s come with threaded barrel? I though only the Tactical one comes with threaded barrel but that one is out of stock? I want one with wood grips and threaded barrel. thanks.

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No, only the tactical model

No, only the tactical model has the thread barrel. I get the wood grip one, this gun is crap and was sent back to the factory after 23 rounds. I've been posting all about this junk firearm since I got it. I want everyone to know Chiappa couldn't build a quality product if they had too. This M9-22 looks like it was made in China, the thig is painted and the slide scraped the paint off my barrel in less then 23 shots. My Phoenix arms HP22 is a way better gun and only cost me $99.00. For the same price you can have a Mosquito. Don't do it!

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Well, I'm still not having

Well, I'm still not having any luck figuring out about the threaded barrel. I email Chiappa customer service and they responded that If I send them my address they would mail me their new catalog. I got the catalog but there is no information on the threaded barrel...

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Only the tactical mod has the

Only the tactical mod has the the threaded barrel. It's junk, don't buy this crap from Chiappa.

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I would like to know this as

I would like to know this as well. Does anyone have one of these M9 copies? Threaded barrel?

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Anyone know the reliability

Anyone know the reliability of this gun in terms of feeding? I would like to replace my sig mosquito with something like this but haven't hear alot about it.

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I will have to get into

I will have to get into detail on this one. Here is my post to guns America about there review on this crap they call a gun. You will have to visit there review to see the photo I was referring too.

Scott Mayer,
I notice the top photo in your review has the same issue I had with my M9-22, just behind the front site post the paint is missing on either side of the barrel? The other thing I noticed was this was not mentioned in your review? How many shots did it take to remove the paint where the steel (Chiappa metal) would show, mine took about 20 shots to make it look the same as yours. Did you ask the factory about this problem? If so what did they tell you? Chiappa told me mine was the first issue they seen like this. I know this shouldn’t be the case because yours looks as bad as mine, the Chiappa YouTube video where they are shooting a real M9 and the M9-22 in the same frame has again the same scraped paint missing from the barrel. Like I said, I contacted Chiappa about this problem and wanted to know if you (As a gun reviewer) have reported this problem to the customer support line at Chiappa? Any additional information from your origination about your experience with this M9-22 would be helpful. I only had my firearm for a day before sending it back to Chiappa in Dayton. I’m a little surprised to not see anything listed in your review about this (what I would consider an important defect) obvious quality issue. I read your review before ordering this $330.00 firearm, if I would have been informed of this before buying this Chiappa M9 I would have spent my money on a different plinker. I’m sorry I seam upset but I thought gun reviewers were to inform posiable buyers of the defects they experienced while testing firearms, to have photos of an issue (that is hard to see if you wernt looking for them) and not inform your readers is disturbing to say the least. I would hope to get a reply but expect to have this post removed as soon as it is noticed.

The other problem I had was the nose of the barrel looked like it was chewed off with a saws all, it was ruff! The last round hold open also didn't work because the lever would drift away from the side of the frame making it bind and not work right. I have better quality from my Phoenix HP22 that cost me $99.00 in 1997, the HP22 still works and has no issues. That's more then I can say about my Chiappa M9-22 that went back to the factory after 23 rounds. Until it comes back from the factory I will be posting my experience on every message board that talks about this gun. When it does come back from the factory I will test fire the gun and post it on YouTube for the world to see. So Chiappa if your reading this, make sure it's working like a $330.00 gun before sending it back!

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

Give the Ruger SR22 a look

Give the Ruger SR22 a look also. It eats any ammo and I love mine!

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