Chiappa M6 X-Caliber Over/Under 12 Gauge/.22 LR 18.5" Barrel Single Shot Fixed Fiber Optic Sight Picatinny Rails Caliber Conversion Set Polypropylene Foam/Steel Matte Black CF500-184
The Chiappa M6 combination shotgun/rimfire rifle features a modern twist on a classic concept. This clever over and under combination gun is the perfect choice for survivalists and preppers alike. The unique design features a full steel structure with almost no weight to speak of. A metal caging encases a preformed polypropylene foam stock with a very durable and thick weft ensuring superior comfort. This rifle can easily fit into a backpack with it's folding design. The rifle also features a fixed fiber front sight, with adjustable rear and Chiappa will also supply you with three rails which allow you to mount your favorite accessories. Don't miss your opportunity to own this amazing little rifle.
Now the M6 is even more versatile than ever! This package includes the Chiappa X-Caliber set! The kit features 8 fully rifled adapters with an over all length of 8" each. These 8 adapters allow you to convert that break action 12 gauge in popular handguns calibers such as 9mm Luger, .357 Magnum, and .45 ACP just to name a few. This makes your M6 survival rifle everything it was originally meant to be and more!
Specifications and Features:
Chiappa M6 X-Caliber CF500-184
Over and Under Break Action Shotgun/Rifle Combination
12 Gauge / .22 Long Rifle
18.5" Smoothbore cylinder steel barrel
18.5" .22 LR, 6 groove rifles 1:16" Twist steel barrel
Survival type firearm
Folding break open action
Single Shot with extractors
Double Triggers
Fixed Fiber Optic Front Sight
Adjustable Rear sight
Picatinny quad rails
M1 style adjustable elevation and Windage
Top tang manual safety
Stock is made from steel skeleton with polypropylene foam insert
Uses Rem-Choke Pattern Choke Tubes Overall Length 34.6"
Overall Weight 6 lbs
Matte Black
SKU#: CHP-CF500-184

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While I think these are pretty darn cool the combination of plastic / DISPOSABLE foam construction, break action, and being manufactured by Chiappa, this gun with the adapters should not top $300 or $350.

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