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The single action 1873 is a timeless handgun and a symbol of the American west and this is one of the most accurate reproductions. While maintaining the true to form classic design, Chiappa's Dual Cylinder Single Action 1873 revolver is a hybrid of modern technology and manufacturing with the feel of the Old West. This revolver is crafted with a steel rifled barrel, with most of the mechanism and components constructed from a special formulated alloy that offers greater ductility and flexibility assuring long lasting reliability and durability. These are perfect for plinking, target practicing and even small game hunting.

-Dual Cylinder:Switch back and forth between .22 LR and .22WMR
-Alloy Frame
-Single Action

SKU#: 340.250D
UPC#: 8053670716544

Price compare for 053670716544 - Chiappa SAA 1873 Black .22 Win 4.75-inch 6rd

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Their "special formulated alloy that offers greater ductility and flexibility assuring long lasting reliability and durability" is cast pot metal. The hammer will begin to peen the frame if you actually plink with it. It happens with their .22 1911s as well. The lockwork varies from one gun to the next, some won't even time correctly after 200 rounds.

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How many projectiles will the clip hold?

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0 votes

It's a magazine, not no clip! Gotta use the co'wrect phraseology when discussing Glock assault pistols. #seriousbiznus

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Anyone have ETA shipping experience with this company?

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10 business days when I used them

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Have one. Fun to shoot. POI is low so plan to file front sight, adjust your sight alignment or hold to cover target. 22 mag is a literal blast to shoot

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Just picked up a Heritage refurb in case-hardened color with camo handle for similar $$$. Wasn't aware of the frame size difference before reading these comments but had noticed it does seem to be on the smaller end and grip size also suffers. Smaller hands may not be a problem but try them both out before buying. I wish I had now.

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Does anyone know if these are better than the Heritage revolvers?

1 vote
1 vote

You're a real piece of shit with a profile picture like that.

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No you are the real piece of shit, a liberal snowflake troll.

Hey boys, look at at the comments this troll is putting out. His daddy most have sexual abused him when he was little.

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1 vote

I have 2 Heritage RR and 1 Chiappa. I would never give my money to Chiappa Again. The one I bought was the 22 long/ mag combo target model. Inaccurate, blast you in the face with lead, rattles, sent in for repair and got back a hack repair job. Hey it could be the luck of the draw. I prefer ether of my heritage RR to this. My 4" non adjustable RR is more accurate than my 7" target Chiappa

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That's sad to hear. I've got the Heritage Rough Rider, too, and love it for what it is. I was interested in the Chiappa because it was a full size frame, but after hearing this am not so interested. My local gun shop has a Chiappa SAA in .17hmr they can't get rid of because it's a piece of cr@p, so that backs up what you are saying about Chiappa quality. Thanks for the info.

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Good deal for a plinker .22LR/WMR. From what I've read it's pretty similar in quality to the Heritage, but has a few advantages. Both .22LR and .22WMR cylinders are included and the frame is full-sized compared to the smaller framed Heritage, which is a huge plus for the Chiappa in my book. I paid $110 for my Heritage with only the .22LR cylinder, so I'd take the Chiappa with both for $130 over that.

It doesn't seem to have a transfer bar safety, so you'll have to deal with leaving a chamber empty for safety. Still, I don't think you will get more in a plinker and small game hunting gun than this for the money.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think these are beautiful guns you will proudly show off to friends. If you want something like that then go pay 3x-5x more money for a nicer gun.

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Good Question!

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